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Wicked good photo!!

Written on 22.04.2021 by Lonnie Penner

One of my 3 favorite single engine rotorcraft.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Douglas Hoff

Nice photo, Don

Written on 22.04.2021 by David Swiggs

Excellent shot Andrew.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Dave Sheehy

Wrong photo.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Richard Rutkowski

Of course Kiwis can fly - they just like to do it in style. :)

Written on 22.04.2021 by Mike Loftus

Oh wow! That is a pretty one! appears to be in really nice shape too.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Tom Glass

Good and high quality image

Written on 22.04.2021 by xrecovery xrecovery

Seeing the Dash 8s less and less. The good news is the seats are almost completely full again. The bad news is that the Dash 8s are being replaced with equipment that has greater seating capacity. The good news is that it won't be long before we start seeing ASA Boeings back here again (prior to Covid, ASA had been using Boeing equipment on the RNO-SEA route).

Written on 22.04.2021 by Gary Schenauer

Awesome Plane!!!!!!

Written on 22.04.2021 by sean gladney

Nice art work, but MAN, that's a lot of colors.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Chris Bryant

The British Antarctic Survey (BAS) was originally the Falkland Islands Dependencies and there is a long tradition of registering British Antarctic Survey ships and aircraft in the Falkland Islands as part of that connection.

Written on 22.04.2021 by rjm045

Fantastic photo!! 5 stars for sure. Thanks!

Written on 22.04.2021 by Alan Brown

P-51 is my all time favorite aircraft. Love the sound of the Rolls Royce Merlin Engine.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Harry Ellett

So Pretty ! Those old landing gear wheels always remind of a "Radio Wagon."

Written on 22.04.2021 by Diana Rose

The perfect aviation photo grab...and you gotta be quick.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Diana Rose

Beautiful shot of this aircraft Gary! Perfect timing!

Written on 22.04.2021 by Darryl Sarno

Great shot Gary! I miss seeing Virgin America.

Written on 22.04.2021 by Darryl Sarno

Beautiful shot Gary! All 5!

Written on 22.04.2021 by Darryl Sarno

First glance thought of a baby Antonov.

Written on 21.04.2021 by Diana Rose

1930 Stinson Junior SM-8A N930W

Written on 21.04.2021 by andré belleau

Nelson, the colors and natural lighting are excellent. Very nice. Well done!

Written on 21.04.2021 by iffmode4

FedExNICE * * * * *

Written on 21.04.2021 by warmwynds

Wow this is amazing, great job!

Written on 21.04.2021 by Bob Smith

aqui en panama justo en mi distrito del interior pasan sobre mi casa a 39 o 40,00 pies todos los dias entre 8 y 10 aviones de aeromexico muy bonitos se dirigen a bogota colombia y vieceversa logicamente localizados con mi 1090 MZG

Written on 21.04.2021 by Reginaldo Tejeira

this one is OKAY (compared to the predecessor ) :wink:

Written on 21.04.2021 by a mentor

@Harry, that is ONE GORGEOUS PICTURE! Well done

Written on 21.04.2021 by a mentor

Seems this AC was involved in a mid-air back in the late 2000's.

Written on 21.04.2021 by Tom Glass

Somewhat close. The closest airport to me is Joplin Regional. I am about 85 miles from Tulsa and about 60 from Springfield Missouri. But I do live just south of the 110 air refueling track.

Written on 21.04.2021 by Chris Collinsworth

yeap nevermind what i said i was wrong.

Written on 21.04.2021 by Chris Collinsworth

Awesome Shot Keith!

Written on 21.04.2021 by John Giambone

Oops! And a Stellar Shot!

Written on 21.04.2021 by Diana Rose

Stellar Paint Job !

Written on 21.04.2021 by Diana Rose

Close the gas valves!!!

Written on 21.04.2021 by Diana Rose


Written on 21.04.2021 by parkerlawncare

Fine shot...

Written on 21.04.2021 by Christoff du plessis

A Bear. Didn’t recognize it at that angle, looks much smaller than it is.

Written on 21.04.2021 by Dennis Gallet

UGLY?? Impressive equipment!!

Written on 21.04.2021 by Jeroen Stroes

Chris the 69 is in reference to the FY the contract was awarded to Lockheed by the Pentagon

Written on 20.04.2021 by robin guess

MRF1 is the ICAO type/designator for the Dassault F1.

Written on 20.04.2021 by Keith Miller


Written on 20.04.2021 by Ethan Minnich

Chris, are you near an airport or Victor airway that allows you to capture so many aircraft?

Written on 20.04.2021 by Michael Gower

Great picture. But I don't think 69 is the right start to the tail number. They wasn't made till 1970.

Written on 20.04.2021 by Chris Collinsworth

Neat paint job!

Written on 20.04.2021 by Christos Psarras

hey that's me flying!

Written on 20.04.2021 by Matthew May

rubber?? Looks like RUDDER to me; :giggle:

Written on 20.04.2021 by a mentor

it's in the eyes of the beholder IMO @Jim. MUCHO MACHO. Looks like it could swallow someone whole!

Written on 20.04.2021 by a mentor

A very nice shot. I love it

Written on 20.04.2021 by John moffitt

Outstanding shot, Robin!

Written on 20.04.2021 by Dwight Hartje

Excelent regards from Gilberto from Portugal.

Written on 20.04.2021 by Gilberto Leonardo

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