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(Grin) ... I'm thinking there are some Vets commenting here. (Wave to fellow GIs)
Serge ... Thank You for the compli. I very much appreciate it.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Dean JK ... Yes, sir, it is.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Leland ... There was a female voice in the front office. I heard it over the scanner. Peter T ... That is a very kind comment. I am very grateful for your comments and complis. And as an FYI, I've been to Toronto (born and raised just over the Peace Bridge in Buffalo / Tonawanda / N. Falls). Yours is one of the finest cities I've ever been in (and I've been in many, many places). You have every right and plenty of good reasons to be proud of your hometown. Fireboy ... I was only congratulating them because they now have an a/c dressed in Horizon's original clothes. I'm not aware of any type of employee effort to get this livery. Perhaps IFlyGr8 knows. I wish I had lived closer to any airport when I was a kid. It was 16 miles one way on my bike to get to KBUF so I could not go as often as I wanted to. Your memories of Pasco are wonderful (and if you have any old photos, I'd greatly appreciate seeing them). (Wave)

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Tarheeled .. I passed along your kind comment to Stubby Joe.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Uwe!! Hey, how is it going? You are welcome for the pic (and you should have already received another of a Southwest). I am sooooo buried in military photos. I'll send a gorgeous shot of an F-18 blasting away. Leland ... TY. And I just saw your post today oF that exquisite BOAC retro. Man, oh, man! That ship is gorgeous and your pics of it are stunning! I'd d/l it if it did not have the FA w/mark. Yours are billboard quality shots. And I'm extremely jealous of you and Uwe and all the FA photogs who are able to see and click that beauty. The BOAC livery is fabulous! Bravos on your captures, Leland ... all of them. You are one of our fave FA photogs. C.W. ... It WAS a LOT of work, but it was SUPER fun. And I just accepted a request to be the photog at an aviation "portrait" event. THAT will be a TON of work, but I'll get to snap a huge variety of a/c. And work isn't work if it is fun, right? (Grin and a Thumbs Up)

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Awesome shot! 5*

Written on 19.03.2019 by Cbro4

Thanx, C.W. (Thumbs Up)

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Dave ... (Monster grin) Turns out I was out in some LA area known as "(something)wood." "Inglewood," "Englewood," "Edgewood," or something similar. Anyway, I'm told that blundering around by myself on deserted sidestreets in the late evening hours with my attention focused up in the sky could be (let's see, what was the phrase? oh, yeah, I remember now ...) Fargin' Stupid. Actually, I wasn't 100% "blissfully unaware," and I most definitely wasn't 100% "unprepared." I can only use my right forefinger to shoot the shutter button, but in my 20 years in the military I learned to use either forefinger to accurately do other types of shooting. Not too shabby with a sw/b either. But still, I gave getting some clicks from here a try and the pic above was less than I'd hoped for, so I'll go blundering around a few blocks closer to LAX the next time I visit. (Wink)

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Hey, Ken, Hi and Thank You for the compli. Ironic that you commented here ... A short time back, we d/loaded an awesome snap you took of a T-6 Texan and put it up on the big screen during one of our occasional get-togethers. And waaaay superb!! Ultra premier Q. Poster shot for certain. Congrats on that one and all of your posts. As an FYI, we always stay up to speed on your posts. End of every year, we hold our own informal "Best FA Photographers" "selection meeting ... and your name always makes the list. We used to do 150, but now we slashed that number ... and your name still makes the final list. Keep 'em comin'!

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

C.W. and Cliff ... TYVM. Glad you enjoyed this pic even tho it's heat stroked.
Howdy, Viv ... LOL. Truthfully, telling him to "bugger off" (huge grin) would have been counterproductive. Admittedly, I lost some snaps that day. But creating a duststorm about it with him would have resulted in my name being added to the wrong "list" in the PA's logbook. Instead, no negative info back then means that today I'm A-OK to go there, take clicks, and (even better) escort a friend or two. In the short term, I lost a couple photos, but I got to keep the one above (which was the truly important one), and now, in the long term, I'm far better off.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Hi, Greg and C.W. Sure is. If only conventional bombs are counted, that one could actually be described as the Vietnam era's MOAB. When compared to the present day MOAB, that one "ain't squat" (lol), but I'll bet it packed quite a wallop back in the 60s. Cliff .. Hey, much Thanx. How do you find the info so quickly? Takes me forever to locate the correct a/c among all those birds listed on J.B.'s site. (Wave)

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

The Dragon Lady looks pretty dang good at 50+ years old.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Thanks David!

Written on 19.03.2019 by LELAND SCHMIDT

Great Shot......
Hopefully I'll bump into you when Mt.Rainier is out & excellently brilliant!
Great photograph!!!!!!

Written on 19.03.2019 by David Apps

Nice shot, Gary! And that is quite a large bomb! I don't remember ever seeing one like that, let alone having it attached to a helicopter.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Greg Byington

I'm guessing DC-10 or MD-10 by the lack of the center landing gear. (unless its retracted)

Written on 19.03.2019 by Goneracin

You're right, Big.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Lewis Tripp

Amen to that,Paul.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Lewis Tripp

Beautiful shot!

Written on 19.03.2019 by Tom Heaverlo

DC-10 or MD11, but not a tristar....but still very cool :)

Written on 19.03.2019 by bigkahuna400

Damn, Nick! What a shot!

Written on 19.03.2019 by Cbro4

I thought this picture looked familiar! Haha

Thank you, Chris.

Written on 19.03.2019 by zfwaviation

1st : It's not a real pitcure. Well it's a photoshopped one

2nd : It's a 737-800 not -700

3rd : On the "F-16s" you can't see the shadows when they pass over each other

Written on 19.03.2019 by Mathéo BASSETTE

Different overview, great!

Written on 19.03.2019 by John Maior

A legendary aircraft, thanks for sharing Andreas!!

Written on 19.03.2019 by John Maior

Lovely picture.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Christoff du plessis

Nice looking Sundowner. I own N9318S. They are great a/c.

Written on 19.03.2019 by jemillslaw

Allan Rostic - count those Pratt & Whitney R-985 Wasp Junior cylinders again... I believe you'll find only nine (9) present! :-)

Written on 19.03.2019 by cliff731

Great shot! Explains what "kick the tires and light the fires" means.

Written on 19.03.2019 by Paul Wisgerhof

not your photo

Written on 19.03.2019 by Brian Wilkes

Excellent shot Chris!

Written on 19.03.2019 by LELAND SCHMIDT

Cruising from CYYC-SAT over BJC on March 17, 2019

Written on 19.03.2019 by Aaron Mandolesi

thank you!!

Written on 19.03.2019 by Uwe Zinke


Written on 18.03.2019 by Chris Partin

Gary - Thanks for sharing this one and that great photo link too!

Here's Joe Baugher's published history of this Sikorsky CH-54A Tarhe, assigned U.S. Army s/n 67-18418...

"18418 (MSN 64020) 355th Aviation Company (Heavy Helicopter) "Workhorse", 4th Army, Fort Sill, OK. 478th Aviation Heavy Helicopter Company Hurricanes, 1st Cavalry Division, South Vietnam. 137th Transportation Company (Heavy Helicopter), Kansas Army National Guard. Nevada Army National Guard preserved at Reno National Guard Base, Stead Airport, NV".


Written on 18.03.2019 by cliff731

Unusual shot! 5 stars! Thanks, Angel!!

Written on 18.03.2019 by C.W. Reed

Guess that was a "One" and "Done" bomb! Thanks, Gary!!

Written on 18.03.2019 by C.W. Reed

Nice! I Saw The Real A6-BLA JUST Now Heading Onto 1C Past My House At 3K FT Approaching Dulles! : )

Written on 18.03.2019 by Chris Partin

Definitely caught my eye. Nice job!

Written on 18.03.2019 by Kevin Haiduk

Copy the web addy below and paste it into a Search Engine to view a photo, taken in Da Nang in 1968, of 67-18418 (known as "Big Mother" in the pic) being prepared for a bombing mission.


Written on 18.03.2019 by Gary Schenauer

Ex pennstate life lion, now replaced with N1’s 3’s and 1 ec155

Written on 18.03.2019 by eric anstine

A "WOW" shot - beautiful!

Written on 18.03.2019 by Dick Nieuwendyk

Great shot of the -10 here! 5 stars! Thanks for posting, Kay West!!

Written on 18.03.2019 by C.W. Reed

Excellent speed shot, Ken! This reminds me of "Mig Alley" even though this is a CL-13. 5 stars +++++!Cheers!!

Written on 18.03.2019 by C.W. Reed

@cyberjet, I concur for sure!

Written on 18.03.2019 by C.W. Reed

The FAA civil registration shows it as a DC-3 with Douglas s/n 1920, built in 1937... :-)


Written on 18.03.2019 by cliff731

Nice Beaver!

Written on 18.03.2019 by cyberjet

They may be noisy from the outside but it's the quietest business turboprop cabin on the inside - by a fair margin!

Written on 18.03.2019 by cyberjet

Magnificent picture, I see it come in every day around 11 passed my house. Try to get the MAX8 When they are back in service.

Written on 18.03.2019 by Julio Von ACK

Lovely shot Tomas, thankyou!

Written on 18.03.2019 by Gregg Lucas

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