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sad to learn this morning 10/19/2019 of its watery fate.

Written on 19.10.2019 by 96flstc

Great team who made it flying again... The only one in flying conditions.
There was one version in Africa with 2 additionals jets engines for high temperatures take offs

Written on 19.10.2019 by serge LOTH

I want one.

Written on 19.10.2019 by peter kucharski

Nice shot of the stretched MU2, complete with her nosewheel clamp in place...the main landing gear on the stretch model has the blister wheelwell fairings. The standard length fuselage model does not need these.

Written on 19.10.2019 by CHRIS ROBEY


Written on 19.10.2019 by Andrew Brett

Landed 10 years ago with friends, it's great Airport to fly in!

Written on 19.10.2019 by Randall Wang

Awesome shot! Would loved to have seen the show.

Written on 19.10.2019 by Bill Snowden

Mr Briggs if you google map the Hagerstown MD airport, there is indeed a twin tail boomed aircraft with what could be a turbine mounted to the roof, just to the north of the terminal. It’s not alone as there is a second twin tail boomed cargo aircraft next to it. Different fuselage shape. I would guess they are there for the museum, as there are parts of other aircraft in that same area of the ramp. No idea when the picture was take for google, but I would bet after 2017. Thanks for your story.

Written on 19.10.2019 by Ailin Barron

Nice Shot! You are VERY lucky to be at KPAE!

Written on 19.10.2019 by Joan Williams

That's one heckuva terminal!

Written on 18.10.2019 by Lucius Gravely

I flew on one of the last flights of the DC-6 with United in the Summer of '68. DTW,CLE,PIT,BAL and OS. Pressurization was inop so we flew at 10,000' with the vents open. Lots of oil on the bottoms of the 2800's but greased landings at CLE and PIT.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Lucius Gravely

Just one sexy aeroplane , solid stocky and versatile .

Written on 18.10.2019 by Steven Richardson

5* for a nice looking plane. 5* for a nice looking livery. 5* for getting the shot!! Thanks for posting Christoph

Written on 18.10.2019 by Lonnie Penner

Joan, I put about 2500 gallons in that flight.

Written on 18.10.2019 by jonathan flores

The 727 was so much fun to fly. Little sports car. "if you can see the airport over the nose, you could land there". from any altitude.

Written on 18.10.2019 by 757capt

I've never heard or seen this Airline...

Written on 18.10.2019 by Joao Ponces

Cool pic.

Written on 18.10.2019 by AWspicious13

Nice one.

Written on 18.10.2019 by AWspicious13


Written on 18.10.2019 by AWspicious13


Written on 18.10.2019 by AWspicious13


Written on 18.10.2019 by AWspicious13

Love this type of pic.

Written on 18.10.2019 by AWspicious13

@lerenzo no its not always raining.

Written on 18.10.2019 by daniel jef

PDX has an Oregon Air National Guard base on site. I've seen C-5s go out of there.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Jim Smith

Nice shot! It is interesting that there is no ground affect disturbance on the water surface.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Rickh52

Awesome pic, quentin larsen!

Written on 18.10.2019 by Nat Sam

Sorry about that everyone, It is certainly a 400!

Written on 18.10.2019 by Sundar Carey


Written on 18.10.2019 by Luiz Vieira

Portland allows the military to stage airshows? I'm shocked.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Dennis Stockton

What's that red thing? But I love this picture.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Jeanette Thompson

Very cool!!

Written on 18.10.2019 by Luiz Vieira

Love float planes!!

Written on 18.10.2019 by TBMason

Great shot and very difficult to do! Great job!

Written on 18.10.2019 by Kobe Hunte

How could you look at this picture and not Love airplanes ????

Written on 18.10.2019 by Tom Fox

Aussie cammo?

Written on 18.10.2019 by perry smith

what a great plane.......reminds me of Bruce Taylor...

Written on 18.10.2019 by garritt

love these...

Written on 18.10.2019 by garritt

I first spied N9701F at the Santa Monica, CA airport in mid-1978, having just been hired by The Flying Tiger Line in Los Angeles. At that time it was owned and operated by Briles Wing & Helicopters. They had helicopter contracts up in Alaska and used the airplane as a mobile maintenance vessel. By removing the rotor blades, they could transport a Jet Ranger within the fuselage.

This was my first up-close sighting of a Fairchild C-82 Packet. Notably different with the twin-boom tail, and the post-military addition of a single Jet engine mounted on top-center of the fuselage.

Burnished on the left side of the fuselage, were remnants of the logo of TWA. Back in the B-707 days, TWA had owned at least two 'Packets', again serving as mobile maintenance vehicle, large enough to haul spare JT-3D engines, other parts, maintenance crews and their equipment, to service regions within Europe and Africa continents.

Fifteen years later, I had the pleasure of a re-introduction to N9701F at Hawkins and Powers Aviation, Greybull, WY. The Packet was one of a variety of older reciprocating-engine airplane types used for aerial fire-fighting that H&P used various missions. The airplane had the LARGEST supernumerary seating area I had ever seen, all located on the upper deck just aft of the pilot cockpit controls. The distance between the pilot seats were also much further than modern-day jet transports. Communication between the pilots was not enhanced with an intercom, resulting in 'shouting' requests to the 2nd pilot for power settings and checklists. I had the distinct pleasure to take training and fly her, earning an FA-82 type-rating on 27 September 1993.

Although not required for our lighter-weight flight training, we fired up the jet engine for demonstration purposes. Recalling that it was NOT powered by Jet-A, but rather the same 100-octane aviation fuel as the main engines, the jet ran some VERY hot turbine temperatures!

Following two separate incidents of wing folding, one involving a P4Y and another C-130, costs of complying with FAA mandates caused H&P to cease operations. Assets of H&P were sold to accommodate loans. N9701F was eventually acquired by folks in Hagerstown, MD.

While giving initial instruction to a new owner of an Eclipse Jet, student, I again stumbled across N9701F in November 2017 at the Hangerstown, MD airport. I doubt she is airworthy, last sighted north of the main Hangerstown terminal, where she may remain today.

Notes from my logbook include the following:

USAF Serial #45-57814; Limitations included 'Restricted to Private carriage of cargo – no cargo or passengers for hire' ; P&W 2800-CB-16 engines; Westinghouse J-34-WE-34 on top-mounted pod, with 3,250 pounds of thrust; Basic Operating Weight 34,000 pounds; Gross Weight 54,000 pounds with the jet operating; Gross Weight 47,000 pounds without the jet operating; Max. Landing weight 54,000 pounds; Vmc 91; V2 109; Climb 118; Vlo 113; Vle 130; Vse 105; Vb 140-160; Approach 110; Boundary 100; TWA Max. crosswind component 26 knots.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Robert Briggs

Fabulous shadow facing the sun, impressive livery.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Jim Costello

Maybe lucky but you had to know where to go to get that awesome picture!!

Written on 18.10.2019 by Yvon Dionne

A WOW shot - just beautiful timing.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Dick Nieuwendyk

So pretty and very cool!

Written on 18.10.2019 by Anne Ross

I just realised, this is also the first pic of ZS-SJS in the FA database.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Viv Pike

I just realised, this is the first pic of ZS-RPA in the FA database.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Viv Pike

Outstanding image Ross, well done!

Written on 18.10.2019 by John David

Its a 400ER Qantas is the only airline to have the extended range 747's I think they had 4 and they only flew the Melbourne to LAX route.

Written on 18.10.2019 by BIGDJB

Premier vol avec un atterrissage hors pistes et sans rien casser! C'était en 1959. Grand souvenir.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Jean CLAUDE BALTEL

like to BW

Written on 18.10.2019 by BillAhrens


Written on 18.10.2019 by renato basso

Awesome photo! Thanks. Surprisingly the mains are only about 20' AGL, and appears to not even be over the runway yet. Given the length of the aircraft and deck angle, I'd be more than a little nervous at that point if I were PIC. Guess that's why those captains get paid the big bucks. Just seems low to me.

Written on 18.10.2019 by Fred Ogden


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