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Nepal Airlines Grounds Its Chinese Built Aircraft
Nepal Airlines will no longer operate all of its Chinese aircraft. This includes two Xian MA60s and four Harbin Y12s. The planes in question have not proven to be beneficial an (Ещё)
United Airlines resumes 25,000 flights in August, check the list
While travel demand remains a fraction of what it was at the end of 2019, customers are slowly returning to flying with ... (Ещё)
Lufthansa prepares launch of new leisure unit Ocean
Lufthansa has incorporated a new entity named Ocean to operate long-haul flights to tourist destinations and reduce the “complexity” of the group’s current presence in that seg (Ещё)
Video shows passengers attack airline workers at Fort Lauderdale airport
Three airline employees were injured during an attack by three women that was captured on video Tuesday night at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. According t (Ещё)
American Airlines to furlough 25,000
merican Airlines (AAL.O) said on Wednesday it is sending 25,000 notices of potential furloughs to frontline workers and warned that demand for air travel is slowing again as CO (Ещё)
The president of Emirates says passengers will never again be as comfortable as they have been aboard the enormous discon
Emirates, the glitzy Persian Gulf airline, plans to operate passenger flights using Airbus A380s for the first time since the pandemic led the airline to ground the fleet. T (Ещё)


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