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FlightAware Custom Reports

Insight from half a billion flight records

FlightAware aggregates and processes data from dozens of government sources, airlines, datalink operators, commercial data providers, as well as FlightAware's flight tracking network. FlightAware's data warehouse contains over half a billion flight records across terabytes of storage.

  • Aggregates and Summaries. Aggregate data and create statistics including aircraft cycles and flight hours rather than individual flight records.
  • Aircraft Types. Analyze trends for a specific aircraft type. Use this data to observe the growth, flying trends, and other information about a specific aircraft type.
  • Track Logs. Analyze minute-by-minute positions that include latitude, longitude, ground speed, altitude, climb/descent rate, and heading for specific flights.
  • Weather. Worldwide historical observation (METAR), forecast (TAF), and winds aloft weather data in either a raw, translated, and human-readable form.
  • Owner Information. Optionally include registered owner and operator information.
  • Airline Data. FlightAware can provide flight numbers, tail numbers, scheduled and actual departure and arrival time, departure and arrival gate and concourse, cancellations for airlines, operational statistics, available seat mile (ASM) counts, and more.
  • Any Time Range. FlightAware can create reports covering as little as one flight or as much as years of worldwide data depending on the project and data availability
  • Custom Flight History. Historical flight records for an entire fleet or for specific tail or flight numbers.
  • Airport History. View tail numbers, flight numbers, aircraft type, origin and destination, and time en route for any airport.
  • Special Flights (Lifeguard, Air Ambulance, Angel Flights). FlightAware tracks all humanitarian flights in the US, Canada, and Australia.
  • International Data. FlightAware's basic coverage includes airspace operated by the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. European data available for European operators and worldwide data can be available for datalink-equipped customers. FlightAware covers scheduled airline operations worldwide.

Many more reports are available from FlightAware. All reports can be customized to specific project needs. Please contact FlightAware to receive a quote for your custom report.

Report Specs and Details

The file will be delivered in CSV (comma separated values) format that can be easily opened with Microsoft Excel or a similar spreadsheet application. Each flight will be on a separate row and include aircraft type filed, origin and destination information, departure and arrival times, and total time en route.

Standard Report CSV Example Track Log CSV Example Weather CSV Example

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+1 713 456 3070

Bryce Nelson
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