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  • 29

Embraer considers developing a 70-seat turboprop aircraft to compete with ATR

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer considers launching a turboprop aircraft program through the new joint venture established with its North American partner Boeing. (airlinerwatch.com) Ещё...

  • 39

Boeing schedules first 777X flight for 23 January

Boeing has scheduled the 777X’s maiden sortie for 23 January, an event that will finally kick off the revamped widebody’s delayed flight-test programme and potentially keep the airframer on track to begin deliveries in early 2021. Under the manufacturer’s current schedule, the 777-9 test aircraft should depart at around 10:00 Seattle time on the 23rd, although Boeing cautions that the timing “could change due to weather and other factors”. (www.flightglobal.com) Ещё...

  • 20

Cathay Pacific Crew Demand Right To Wear Masks Amid Coronavirus Fears

Cathay Pacific cabin crew members are asking their employer for the right to wear masks in fear of contracting the new fast-spreading Coronavirus. (simpleflying.com) Ещё...

  • 21

Boeing plans 737 MAX aircraft return to service in mid-2020

The Boeing Company informed customers and suppliers on Tuesday that they are currently estimating that the ungrounding of the 737 MAX will begin during mid-2020. (dcnewsroom.blogspot.com) Ещё...

  • 31

Trading halted after Boeing doesn’t expect regulators to allow the 737 MAX to fly until June

Boeing doesn’t expect regulators to sign off on the 737 Max until June or July, people familiar with the matter said Tuesday. That date is months later than the manufacturer previously expected. The delays pose another headache for carriers who have already missed one peak travel season without the planes. Shares of the aircraft manufacturer fell on the news, falling by more than 5% in the mid-afternoon before trading was halted. (www.airlive.net) Ещё...

  • 15

Latest 737 MAX delay prompts big buyer flydubai to consider leasing options

The second largest airline with 737-MAX orders considers leasing (www.reuters.com) Ещё...

  • 11

Wuhan China's 11 Million People Face Quarantine as Virus Fears Spread

Some trains and flights out of the central Chinese city have been canceled as concerns from a new coronavirus grows. On Flightaware, a search for airport WUH (ZHHH) shows realtime airline activity and destinations. (foreignpolicy.com) Ещё...

  • 11

Airbus Conducts Successful Tests in Pilotless Flights

The future is here! After decades of autonomous airplanes being nothing but talk, Airbus has confirmed a test aircraft took off automatically at Toulouse-Blagnac airport in France last December, along with a series of successful tests on autopilot. (www.msn.com) Ещё...

  • 10

Sweden Wants To Introduce Overnight Trains As An Alternative To Air Travel

As more countries look at ways to cutting down on their carbon footprint, Sweden is looking at launching an overnight sleeper rail service from Malmö to Cologne, Germany, with further stops to other parts of Europe. (www.gatechecked.com) Ещё...

  • 9

Coronavirus: UK to monitor flights from China as precaution

The UK is to monitor flights arriving from China, as part of a series of precautionary measures after the spread of a new coronavirus. (www.bbc.com) Ещё...

  • 8

Ryanair Boeing 737 Returns To Bucharest With Cabin Full Of Smoke

A Ryanair Boeing 737-800 had to return to its departure airport earlier today as the cabin was filled with smoke. (simpleflying.com) Ещё...

  • 6

City Council approves United Airlines for 24 more gates at DIA

On Tuesday night, the Denver City Council unanimously approved an amendment granting United Airlines access to 24 more gates at Denver International Airport. (www.denverpost.com) Ещё...

  • 5

Airbus 330-200, newest addition to National Airlines aircraft fleet

Florida-based National Airlines announced Wednesday they have added an Airbus 330-200 as its newest addition to its fleet, joining Boeing 747-400 Freighter and Boeing 757-200 aircraft. (dcnewsroom.blogspot.com) Ещё...

  • 4

Boeing's new CEO orders rethink on New mid-market jetliner project

LONDON/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Boeing Co's <BA.N> new chief executive has sent the aerospace giant back to the drawing board on proposals for a new mid-market aircraft, effectively shelving in their current form plans worth $15 billion-$20 billion (www.yahoo.com) Ещё...


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