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Report of C130 Fire Tanker crash in Australia

The NSW Rural Fire Service (RFS) is investigating reports of a large air tanker which crashed in the state's south. In a statement, it said "contact had been lost with a Large Air Tanker which was working in the Snowy Monaro area". "Local ground crews indicate the aircraft may have crashed," the RFS said in a statement. "A number of helicopters are in the area carrying out a search." There is an emergency warning in place for a blaze burning towards… (www.msn.com) Ещё...

  • 15

DOT Proposal Wants To “Ban” Emotional Support Animals

The United States Department of Transportation has put out a new proposal that would make it more difficult for passengers to travel with any emotional support animal that is not a dog. (www.gatechecked.com) Ещё...

  • 13

Canadian waterbomber plane crashes while fighting Australia bushfires

A Canadian-owned C-130 Hercules air tanker crashed while fighting bushfires in Australia’s alpine region on Thursday, killing all three of its crew, authorities said. (uk.reuters.com) Ещё...

  • 36

Embraer considers developing a 70-seat turboprop aircraft to compete with ATR

Brazilian aircraft manufacturer Embraer considers launching a turboprop aircraft program through the new joint venture established with its North American partner Boeing. (airlinerwatch.com) Ещё...

  • 12

Boeing's new CEO orders rethink on New mid-market jetliner project

LONDON/CHICAGO (Reuters) - Boeing Co's <BA.N> new chief executive has sent the aerospace giant back to the drawing board on proposals for a new mid-market aircraft, effectively shelving in their current form plans worth $15 billion-$20 billion (www.yahoo.com) Ещё...

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Happy 14th Birthday FlightAware!

Happy Birthday Flightaware! May you have many more! (flightaware.com) Ещё...

  • 6

Delta launches innovative solution for pet travel

Delta Air Lines is ushering in a new best-in-class travel experience for pets and their owners with the exclusive launch of CarePod. (worldairlinenews.com) Ещё...

  • 11

Airbus 330-200, newest addition to National Airlines aircraft fleet

Florida-based National Airlines announced Wednesday they have added an Airbus 330-200 as its newest addition to its fleet, joining Boeing 747-400 Freighter and Boeing 757-200 aircraft. (dcnewsroom.blogspot.com) Ещё...

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F-35C arrives in Miramar as first in Department of Defense

The F-35C landed in Miramar (San Diego), the first of its kind for the Department of Defense, according to officials at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. (www.10news.com) Ещё...

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Iran acknowledges missiles made by Russia targeted Ukrainian passenger jet

Iran acknowledged on Tuesday that its armed forces fired two Russian anti-aircraft missiles at a Ukrainian jetliner that crashed after taking off from Tehran‘s main airport earlier this month, killing all 176 people on board. (globalnews.ca) Ещё...

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Air France-KLM is seeking to buy Malaysia Airlines

Proposals to invest in ailing Malaysia Airlines include one from Air France-KLM, which wants as much as 49%. Air France-KLM said it had previously held talks with Malaysia Airlines’ owners but was not currently involved in the sale process. Malaysia’s government has found the proposals from foreign airlines more attractive, but the sovereign wealth fund that owns Malaysia Airlines favors a deal with AirAsia, one of the sources said. (www.airlive.net) Ещё...


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