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Avoid Bird Strikes - Oshkosh session from Jeppesen

The first bird strike was recorded by the Wright brothers in 1905, and the problem certainly hasn’t gone away since then. (newsletters.jeppesen.com) Ещё...

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6 Things to Love About Delta’s New Airbus A220 Planes

New airplanes get a lot of hype among travel industry insiders and frequent flyers, but the average traveler often won't notice the difference. (www.fliegerfaust.com) Ещё...

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Pilot with 20,000 hrs identified in Labrador crash

Three people are dead, including the pilot, and four are missing after a plane crashed into a remote lake in northern Labrador. The pilot, 61-year-old Gilles Morin, had 20,000 hours of flying experience, according to Jean Tremblay, the chief executive of his employer, regional airline Air Saguenay. (www.cbc.ca) Ещё...

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Fraport will use FlightAware data – What does that mean for the whole ATM community?

We are now entering a time where a private organization, not run by a state, can provide better data and prediction than national or even trans-national ANSPs. In this age of data, it is also likely that FlightAware and the like can provide better flight profile and performance data than theory and research based models like BADA. (radar.foxatm.com) Ещё...

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British Airways Pilots To Strike After Massive Vote Against The Airline

British Airways pilots have overwhelmingly voted in favor of striking today once discussions between BALPA and the airline broke down after no agreement was reached. Around 93% of the airline’s pilots voted for industrial action, and with BALPA (British Airline Pilots Association) representing 90% of the airline’s flight crew workforce, high amounts of disruption are likely. (airwaysmag.com) Ещё...

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Airbus closes in on Air France jetliner deal - sources

Airbus is close to a deal worth billions of dollars to sell dozens of A320neo-family and smaller A220 aircraft to Air France as the French network carries out a keenly awaited renewal of its medium-haul fleet, industry sources said. The deal could include as many as 50-70 Canadian-designed A220 jets, formerly known as CSeries, to replace Air France's ageing fleet of roughly 50 A318 and A319 aircraft, they said. Air France is also expected to pick the A320neo family to replace approximately… (www.yahoo.com) Ещё...

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Sky Airline chooses Airbus as pilot training partner

The airline became the first customer of the new Airbus Training Center in Chile (ACTC)... (cmsherbert.blogspot.com) Ещё...

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airBaltic breaks new passenger milestone

airBaltic transported 528,449 passengers in June, or 24 per cent more than during the same month last year. (www.breakingtravelnews.com) Ещё...


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