FlightAware Management
Daniel Baker, Chief Executive Officer, FlightAware

Daniel Baker

Chief Executive Officer

Corporate Growth
International Partnerships
Business Development

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Karl Lehenbauer

Chief Technology Officer

Research and Development
Technology Architecture

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Karl Lehenbauer, Chief Technology Officer, FlightAware
David McNett, Advisor, FlightAware

David McNett


Corporate Infrastructure and Growth
Data Architecture
Platform Engineering

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Mark Duell

Vice President, Operations

Global Operations
Commercial Projects
Aerospace Development

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Mark Duell, Vice President, Operations, FlightAware
Rachel Miller, Vice President, Advertising Sales, FlightAware

Rachel Miller

Vice President, Advertising Sales

Advertising Sales
Partner Relations
New York Managing Director

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James Sulak

Vice President, Software Development and Operations

Software Development
Team Growth
Best Practices

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James Sulak, Vice President, Software Development and Operations, FlightAware
Matt Davis, Vice President, Sales, FlightAware

Matt Davis

Vice President, Sales

Aviation Services Sales
Team Leadership
Business Development

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Collin White

Director, Aviation Services

Aviation Products
Sales Management
Customer Service

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Collin White, Director, Aviation Services, FlightAware
Jeff Lawson, Director, Software Development, FlightAware

Jeff Lawson

Director, Software Development

Software Architecture
Mobile Applications
Data Feeds

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Sean Kelly

Director, IT Operations

Global Infrastructure
IT Operations
Service Reliability

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Sean Kelly, Director, IT Operations, FlightAware
Theng Hui, Low 刘庭辉, Director, Asia Pacific, FlightAware

Theng Hui, Low 刘庭辉

Director, Asia Pacific

Aviation Services
Business Development
APAC Director

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Lily Chong

Director, Program Management Office

Program Management
Project Management
Agile Coach

Profile and photos

Lily Chong, Director, Program Management Office, FlightAware

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