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This one spends about 98% of its time east of the Mississippi. It doesn't even visit Vegas very often, so I know I'll never see it here. TY for these 5 * clicks, Darryl. (Wave)

Written on 02.03.2021 by Gary Schenauer

Great series of pics of this one, Darryl. Qatar's livery is always a superb snap when the sun is out but it is da_n difficult to get fine shots like these when it is overcast because the livery does not stand out well against gray clouds. You did an outsrtanding job getting such excellent clicks. All 5 for all 3 snaps.

Written on 02.03.2021 by Gary Schenauer

Thanks everyone for the kind comments!

Chuck Pergiel: Yes, I took the pic from the ground. Terrain at my location is 4500' MSL and the planes were at 25,000' (per ADS-B). I used a Fuji X-E2S body with XF100-400 lens at f=400mm.

Written on 02.03.2021 by tom239

Thanks, Darryl.

Written on 02.03.2021 by Gary Schenauer

TYVM, Dean. Hope all is OK by you. Stay safe. (Wave)

Written on 02.03.2021 by Gary Schenauer

Darryl & Greg ... Hi. Thanx for your kind complis, guys. Darryl ... I flew into BOS twice on MOH. I was 16 the first time and 17 the last. Bought those Weekends Unlimited tickets for $25.. I would fly to Logan, stay at the airport a couple hours to photograph aircraft, then fly back to BUF. (I had to get back to BUF by 4:30 or 5:00 because I had to get back home so my folks wouldn't find out that I'd ever been anywhere except at the Buffalo airport.) When I was at KBOS I spent much of my time at the Eastern, Northeast, and Braniff gates.
Chris ... You are certainly right about that Buffalo-Toronto leg being "super short." It is only 64 miles by air from Buffalo to Toronto. It's almost twice as far by car ... about 110 miles. (I used to drive it -- a couple of us guys would cross into Canada and mosey up to Toronto -- I don't ever recall seeing much of the city --- we'd get off the 401 at Yonge St and drive toward the waterfront -- we ALWAYS enjoyed visiting that area (Gawd, I LOVED Toronto back then -- Canadian gals were always so welcoming to us). Ah, let's see, what was I about to say? Oh, yeah, I remember now. Eastern ran that route because Miami was a very popular destination for both the Buffalonians and the Torontonians. So the Canadians would board at Pearson and about half the plane would be filled. Then the plane would hop over Lake Erie and land at Buffalo and the New Yorkers would board and the flight would be full. The return flight would stop at Buffalo and the New Yorkers would deplane. Then the plane would scoot over the lake to Toronto and the Canadians would exit. In that way, Eastern always had a full load of pax when the flight departed Buffalo to go to Miami and the flight from Miami back was also always full. Now, as I was saying earlier, did I mention how very, VERY much I loved visiting Toronto as an 18 year old? lol lol

Written on 02.03.2021 by Gary Schenauer

My dad owned this plane from about 1975 until the early 1990s. It had tip-tanks on it at the time.

Written on 02.03.2021 by Ccooperev

John Muir: Based on the high degree of flaps down, this aircraft is definitely in its landing phase :0)

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

David Mortimer: Thank you David and amazing indeed, you bring up an excellent point. Well said!

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

I saw it in the movie, "Greenland"!

Written on 02.03.2021 by jim garrity

Very nice, Uwe!

Written on 02.03.2021 by Greg Byington

Thanks, Jim! I thought the nose looked a little "off."

Written on 02.03.2021 by Greg Byington

Hey, you're very welcome, Dave! Keep those pics coming!

Written on 02.03.2021 by Greg Byington

Thanks, Dave! It is a very nice and very interesting airplane.

Written on 02.03.2021 by Greg Byington

Donna, I watched them deplane, they appeared to be a group of local high rollers.

Thank you Renato!

Written on 02.03.2021 by rwb2112

Where can you buy any kind of models anymore?

Written on 02.03.2021 by Joe Wood

nice picture

Written on 02.03.2021 by Thomas Steinmann

Nice one John! I love seeing this plane at Logan!

Written on 02.03.2021 by Darryl Sarno

Lovely !

Written on 02.03.2021 by William Crooker

Great picture, thank you very much. It is amazing to think that aircraft was designed by engineers using data tables, slide rules and pencil & paper. Such artistry, but with performance!

Written on 02.03.2021 by David Mortimer

Looks like it is missing a part?

Written on 02.03.2021 by John Muir

Amo por

Written on 02.03.2021 by eneudo da silva silva

I guess that COVID-19 Really hit that place (like it has so much of our world these days), at least the pretty girl does NOT need a Mask anyway, a Great Shot of both.

Written on 02.03.2021 by Paul Miller

Nice panel, horrible pic.

Written on 02.03.2021 by John Muir

How could anyone vote fewer than 5-Stars?

Written on 02.03.2021 by Tom Glass

Sure looks like a Skymaster to me??

Written on 02.03.2021 by John Muir

Give that girl some love!

Written on 02.03.2021 by Tom Glass

Great insight Gary! I would never have realised that EAL were flying that route out of Miami all the way north up to Buffalo and then flying a super short international leg across into Toronto. It would have been a fairly long day even for the B727 crews, let alone the crews in the L188. That is assuming that the first crew didn't actually get off in Toronto and put their feet up for an RON in a nice Canadian hotel...

Written on 02.03.2021 by CHRIS ROBEY

Many years ago I used to live on Vancouver Island and would often see two of these Martin Mars water bombers when they were kept in Port Alberni. I was never able to capture a photo of them quite as beautifully as you have here. Well done!

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

Clear, interesting, perfect timing... "5" stars from me too!

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

I LOVE this! Awesome photo Dave, and great information provided

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

Ha, a great capture Dave! I needed that smile today :0)

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

This caught my eye as rather unique and well captured, Greg. Enjoyed reading through the info and links provided below for further details.

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

Dave Sheehy: Hello Dave and thank you very much. I used 1/60th sec and f11 on this particular photo. Thankfully he was pretty much just hovering so it was a relatively easy target.

Written on 02.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

Très belle photo impressionnant !

Written on 02.03.2021 by Gérard MATHIEU

Très belle photo, bravo, impressionnant.!

Written on 01.03.2021 by Gérard MATHIEU

Greg Byington: Thank you very much for the help and kind words, Greg. Very much appreciated!

Written on 01.03.2021 by Dave Carnahan

nice buddy

Written on 01.03.2021 by Hensley Garcia

For sale? Half off?

Written on 01.03.2021 by Todd Skoro

Guys, it is a F7F-3N Tigercat.
This one is the two seat night fighter version and it has radar with its more rounded and bulbous nose rather than the single seat version its sleeker and narrow nose.

Written on 01.03.2021 by jim gevay

Great shot Dave. Nice rotor blur effect without losing the sharpness on the airframe. Well done.5*

Written on 01.03.2021 by Dave Sheehy

Worst Selfie Ever.


Written on 01.03.2021 by mikemorris

Never seen that either, wow!

Written on 01.03.2021 by John Muir

C23 Sherpa

Written on 01.03.2021 by Ron Gross

Must be nice for the Executives of Mandalay Resort Group to fly around the world in!

Written on 01.03.2021 by Donna Yost

Please Explain...

Written on 01.03.2021 by John Muir

What's the point for uploading this image?

Written on 01.03.2021 by Bartolomeo Gorgoglione

Now that's a 5* photo!

Written on 01.03.2021 by jim garrity

One mean-lookin’ flying machine.

Written on 01.03.2021 by BRETT JACOB

Which airport was the photo taken?

Written on 01.03.2021 by mu2aircraft

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