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AirTran sued over damage to private jet

A July 2009 incident on a taxiway at Nashville International Airport has resulted in a lawsuit between the owner of a corporate jet and Atlanta-based AirTran Airways. ( Ещё...

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Jesus Rivera 0
Stonesurfer 0
Kevin Romero 0
well, Exec aviation has a king air 200 and the MU-300, so its a safe bet to say AirTran's got the better lawyers in this game.
Jesus Rivera 0
My 737 breasts your mu 300

Jesus Rivera 0
Whoops **beats** new phone...
Dan Chiasson 0
More and bigger planes = more and meaner lawyers. Unless Exec has video or solid witnesses, so sad, to bad!
Jeremy Cox 0
Whats that? The 4 Volt? I did you a favor.
William Blattner 0
Jeremy Cox 0
Riley Koczera 0
Well, at least the small renting company isn't asking for much. They simply are asking for the money they lost, but knowing a corporate airline, they won't give a dollar without putting up a fight.
toolguy105 0
I would say they better have proof positive it was AirTran and not one of the other operator of big Jet Aircraft at Nashville. With the deeper pockets I'm willing to bet the outcome will be that it is proven the smaller plane is parked to close to the taxiway to avoid damage from jet blast. This was an accident waiting to happen.
SummitAv 0
$250.000.00 Worth of damage?!?!? Wouldn't that total that hunk of junk?!?!
Joshua Hope 0
hmm, airtran is headquartered in Atlanta now?


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