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FedEx Express Donates MD-10 Aircraft to ORBIS International

In addition to a $5.375 Million donation, FedEx Express and its parent company FedEx have donated a former MD-10-30 freighter to ORBIS International to serve as the Flying Eye Hospital's third-generation aircraft. ( Ещё...

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canuck44 0
Give a man a fish and feed him for a day...teach him to fish and you will nourish him for a lifetime.

So too in medicine. This is a great project that has been advancing eye care for a generation. While a few patients receive direct care, the true benefit is the "training" of providers within the target populations and especially the adaption of techniques to permit widespread local use.

I have taught and operated on four continents. Often we do sophisticated surgery not available locally, but the most benefit to the population is almost always the training imparted to nationals to do the simplest of things well. A couple of hundred kids benefit from direct efforts but the lives of thousands can be improved by teaching the simple stuff.

FedEx are to be congratulated and encouraged for direct action, bypassing corruption and bureaucracy within target populations.
Richard Judy 0
Congratulations to FedEx for the very generous donation!
mark tufts 0
jetplanemech 0
Nice Job FedEx! Long live the DC-10! Wonder what will be of DC-10 line number 2?
Javier Negrete 0
Cuando se quiere hacer algo bueno por los demás, los frutos se multiplican muy bién FEDEX, usaré en adelante tus servicios sólo por esto
Rema Allen 0
chalet 0
God bless you FedEx and all the doctors, nurses, pilots, volunteers, etc. for helping bring eye care to the needy all over the world. May this gesture bring you and your families more blessings.
agg1930 0
Congratulations to FedEx! It sets a good example of DOING things instead of just TALKING about it! As an aside there is no such airplane as a MD-10.
The airplane was always called a Douglas DC-10 until the takeover by McDonnell. Afterwards, the next model was called the MD-11. It is like calling it a Boeing DC-10 which is also not correct.
RampBoss 0
I like how FedEx walks the walk and has a moral responsibility to do the right thing such as this. As a side note, the MD-10 model number is correct. These are DC-10's that were converted to 2-man cockpits and other improvements in the past decade and have the common cockpit of the MD-11's. They were officially renamed MD-10's after the conversion. However, there are still a ton of classic DC-10's out there as well.
Anne Jovanovich 0
Pity there weren't more companies like Fedex.
Bill Youngpeter 0
FedEx is a genuine American company. We toured the facility back in the late 90's (in the middle of the night) and it left a lasting impression on me of professionalism and an amazing work ethic. Somewhat low keyed but an amazing company.
spcman 0
re: Anne J.

there are a LOT of companies just like FedEx and it is not reported. It is NOT news unless it is bad news.
spcman 0
Brent Edward 0
FedEx is a class act - period. In case anyone wonders about agg1930's comment about there being no such thing as an MD-10, they are wrong. The MD-10 is a retrofitted DC-10 that removes the flight engineer's station and makes the aircraft a 2 pilot machine, in essence an MD-11. From Boeing's site -- The MD-10 program allows operators to retrofit DC-10s with a new, advanced- technology flight deck. Benefits of the retrofit include a two-person flight deck, weight savings, increased reliability, and commonality with the MD-11 fleet.
Thomas Gorton 0
FedEx.....great company, superb employees, integrity and decency!
JetChaser 0

What is the fate of N220RB?
agg1930 0
OK! Does anybody know how many DC-10's were converted to the MD-11 cockpit configuration? I would also like to know who gave the converted airplanes the "official" new designation. Thanks


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