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FAA threatened to ground 38 Southwest Airlines jets over maintenance concerns, report says

U.S. aviation regulators "threatened" to ground 38 Boeing 737 jets operated by Southwest Airlines last month because the carrier isn't able to verify that the aircraft meet all mandatory safety standards, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing government documents. Congressional investigators and the U.S. Department of Transportation's inspector general's office are looking at Southwest's operation of used foreign aircraft it bought over the years, the WSJ… (www.msn.com) Ещё...

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Robert Jarwin 3
Damn...y'all got me worried now. I like to fly SW (KHOU) because of their baggage policy. But unsafe 737's...geez!!!!
sparkie624 -2
If I have the choice to fly SWA or Walk... I would rather Walk in a Blizzard in Northern Alaska...
Tom Pera 1
sparkie624 4
Hmm... Geez... Havn't I been saying that all along... that is why I left the company was over safety concerns! Many here know that well.
william baker 2
I didnt know that you had worked for Southwest!!!
sparkie624 -1
Yes... I worked in ORD for them back a number of years ago... I left them because I did not like the maintenance practices....

There were several, but one in particular I was told to go clean the oil out from under an engine because it was leaking out of spec and they did not want the crew to write it up as they new it would require and engine change.

There were other things like consuming alcohol in the hangar while standing at the time clock and other people working on the plane.... Keep in mind that the people drinking were still on the clock and could have been called back to work position...

Being a probation employee, the probationers were treated like crap and pretty much pushed around. In reviews, you were basically told how bad you are and not how good of a job or where to improve.

These among others are not in anyway acceptable maintenance practices and I refused to be part of it and put in my resignation.

I now have 37 years of maintenance and I know better, so many of the new mechanics thinks that it is that way everywhere, but it isn't. I worked for Piedmont Mainline, USAirways, Piedmont Regional Airlines, Pinnacle Airlines/Endeavor, and now working for another regional.
Scott Lewis 3
sparkie624 0
Close... KMDW (SWA does not fly into ORD)
Scott Lewis 4
I know that, just making sure that the original poster knows swa does not fly into ORD
sparkie624 0
I should have been more specific... ORD implies KORD, I should have said KMDW.
Tom Pera 1
haven't even translated maint notes yet...
sparkie624 2
for them to threaten... they had a reason or this article would have never appeared... so they have looked at something that was questionable!
Tom Pera 1
been snooping around SW for past few years...
MH370 0
(Duplicate Squawk Submitted)

Southwest Airlines is operating 49 planes that may not have been properly inspected

The aircraft in question are among 88 used jets purchased from foreign carriers by Southwest between 2013 and 2017.

airuphere 0
This just in... due to this investigation.. Southwest eyes buying airbus planes in the future... ;) Lol


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