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Travel-trained Americans take security with a sigh

NEW YORK (AP) — As the Christmas travel week arrives, many airline passengers say they have finally submitted to flying under the inconveniences of tighter security. Arrests of unruly passengers are d . . . ( Ещё...

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Kenneth Martin 0
Something I notice recently while observing several pat downs. Of course the TSA workers wear gloves, however they did not change them between pat downs. hasn't the TSA heard of "universal precautions". People do cough and sneeze and I don;t want to even think about those below the belt lines pats. It is possible to come into contact with bodily fluids and transmission to another person would be easy.

Something to think about.
David Ford 0
Good job Americans! That's exactly what communist regimes do to their populations. They take away freedoms little by little, and after a brief protest, the masses just resign themselves to whatever the government says. Just like 1984 and Logan's Run, our government knows best and what's good for us. Just submit! Never mind that the 4th amendment prohibits unreasonable searches and seizures. We can't even choose our own toilet paper or grocery bags. We are merely slaves to the regime. Wake up people! It won't be long until the government decides our health care fate and limits our freedom to information on the internet. Just keep trusting the government, and sleep well. When you wake up, you will be in Russia.
sviridovt 0
Now remind how does this cope with 2009 terrorist attack? Those scanners cant detect the type of bomb that the terrorist used so how does this increase our security other then just being violated and humiliated in front of others
Ted Glenn 0
I see that the authors of the article are doing their best to help the TSA marginalize dissenters.

Incidentally, here's the AAA press release with the travel figures: <a href=""></a>

93 Percent of holiday travelers will drive and three percent will fly. The number of drivers will increase 3.2 percent when compared to last year. The number of flyers will increase 2.8 percent.
Ted Glenn 0
Lets try that again:
dmanuel 0
The article said the scanner boycott fizzled. Weren’t the scanners, for the most part, turned off, so there was no opportunity to protest? If so, that is not the same as implicitly indicating the traveling population has no reservations. It appears the public, in general, believes the scanners are guaranteeing them 100% safety, and thus is willing to be subjected to intrusive techniques. I wonder what the perception of the scanning process will be if there is a butt bomber?
There have been published accounts from medical organizations whose members have expressed concerns over the spread of undesirable elements, between passengers, when scanners do not change gloves when checking in/below the belt line.


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