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British Airways Tries Not Cleaning Aircraft Cabin Between Flights

British Airways has decided to experiment with inflight hygiene. Last week, BA ran a “no clean” trial between busy flights from London Heathrow Airport (LHR) to Dublin Airport (DUB) — the route that was previously named the busiest in Europe in 2018. The trial was to see if cutting out the usual cleaning process between flights could save time and decrease delays (www.msn.com) Ещё...

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Wolfgang Prigge 7
If they try not cleaning, maybe people will try not using their aircraft?
Mike Mohle 4
Wait till someone finds chicken bones in the seatback pocket!!!! (I found that once after a charter flight and pax were gone). YUCK!
dee9bee 3
Don't tell RyanAir or Spirit. :-)
joel wiley 2
"British Airways confirmed to Simple Flying that the trial period was just a trial, and it would not be rolled out in the future."

Sounds like BA is already getting and responding to feedback from the self-loading cargo.
Ken McIntyre 2
Ok, I'll try not flying on their airline. Fair trade.
Ric Wernicke 2
They could possibly skip cleaning the aircraft, if they insisted on passenger hygiene instead. Have you been to LHR lately? The place is dirty, all manner of human sourced foul odors, reeking clothing not fit for the rag bag, and a general lack of motivation of staff to do their jobs.

A properly managed cleaning crew can finish a single aisle airplane in 5 minutes. There is no excuse to skip cleaning at every turn.

BA should take advice from Holland on when to clean, and from Japan on how it should be done.
Mark Weiser 2
Not Cleaning?? Not a problem, I like Virgin more in any case, backup to Norwegian, who is trying harder. Gong to the UK is overrated nowadays anyway!
bizprop 1
Those LHR to DUB passengers must be a messy bunch it the aircraft needs a complete cleaning after such a short flight.
Mike Mohle 1
Cansojr 1
I wonder how not fueling them works?
Cansojr 1
Change their brand to "The world's favourite airline". I can attest to that with septic fluid seeping under the carpet up stairs in a 747-400. Yuck!
James Wilson Jr 0
What a bunch of CHEAP and LAZY asses they are.
joel wiley 3
Maybe they know their clientelle
A parable:
Three persons were arguing over who could withstand the worst conditions.
Person A was an arrogant type (you pick one)
Person B was a more reasonable type.
Person C is of the group you wish to target.
They agreed to move into a pigsty to see who could stand it longest.
Person A lasted an hour.
Person B lasted 3 days.
The pig lasted a week.


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