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Incident: United B767 over Atlantic on Oct 13th 2016, cracked windshield

A United Boeing 767-300, registration N662UA performing flight UA-51 from Newark,NJ (USA) to Madrid,SP (Spain) with 221 people on board, was enroute at FL340 over the Atlantic Ocean about 260nm east of Boston,MA (USA) when the crew requested to descend to FL260 due to a cracked windshield. ( More...

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Howard Raines 2
call safelite........... they say they go anywhere !
Ejected 1
Boeing really needs to fix this.......preferably BEFORE a major disaster. .........just sayin'.........
As for getting on any Airbus......I think I'll go by boat.
Richard Smith 0
So, MH370, no Airbus products ever have equipment issues? You never report them......


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