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20 Best Airlines in the World : Emirates Named the Best Airline for 2016

Emirates has been named the best airline in the world for 2016 by the leading consumer-aviation website Skytrax. The Dubai-based airline was presented with the award at a ceremony during the 2016 Farnborough Airshow. This is the fourth time Emirates has garnered this honor in the past 15 years, as well as its first win since 2013... ( Ещё...

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hjet 5
I have not had the opportunity to ride on this airline, but people I know say it's like riding during the "Golden Age" of flying. Where service ment something. Now days, the American flag carriers have a lot of flight attendants that are sour, service is crappy and it shows in their attitudes.
scott8733 3
Incidentally, for those of us in the US keeping score with our "Big 4"...DAL #35, SWA #66, UAL #68, and AA #77.
Dean Butler 1
I fly Emirates at least four times per month and agree they are the best airline, by far in the air and on the ground with their fabulous lounges. But, they have one of the most amateurish web sites in the industry (difficult to use, far too many screen change requirements) and Emirates are one of the most stingy airlines with air miles.
Rameshlal Blah 1
I fully agree with the award given. Lots of my friends and family members always travel with this airline flying to India.


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