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Pilots Union Wants ‘Walmart Of The Skies’ Norwegian Air Banned From US

LOS ANGELES ( — An international airline now flying in and out of LAX is offering some of the lowest fares in the world. And while passengers love it, major U.S. airlines and their unions say Norwegian Air is breaking the law and should be banned from the U.S. ( Ещё...

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PhotoFinish 5
Norwegian hires American flight attendants (to save money, Scandanavian labor costs are higher).

American employees are not that much worse.

I resent the implication that Norwegian is violating US labor law by actually hiring Americans. They're not so much worse that we should be considering banning Norwegian from the US.

They're flying brand new planes, that use less fuel and operate more efficiently, and are offering much lower fares.

So of course unions representing airlines flying older planes, tbat are gas guzzlers and cost more to operate, often with inferior service, would suggest to ban te successful competitor, rather than suggesting that their own members should provide better service and that the employing airlines should be using more efficient aircraft -- to better compete in the marketplace.
Torsten Hoff 5
It's cheaper to lobby in Washington than to upgrade your fleet or work on improving the efficiency of your operations.
Brad Littlejohn 2
If they are going to do that, they should also take out Spirit and RyanAir in the process. If Walmart is their bar, NKS and RYR perform well below that.
vern egli 2
It shows the poor leadership of unions, that if they can not compete, they bomb them with false accusations and try to get them banned so they cant play in the same markets.


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