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KCOS: C-130 lands safely after losing instrument panel

An Air Force C-130 cargo plane developed instrument panel problems, declared an emergency shortly after takeoff and landed safely at 12:38 p.m. Monday at the Colorado Springs Airport. ( Ещё...

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skylloyd 0
As it appears, the P-panel slid out and nobody knew how to push it back in and secure the screws, the emergency would be that the connectors came off the back....hmmm.
Gene spanos 0 you need to carry a wrench when you fly too?
John Casebeer 0
Good thing for ATC or they probably wouldn't have made. They seem to know how to fly everything in every situation!
Robert Truesdale 0
I was in the air listening to them, initally they didnt want to declare an emergency. There were planing on flying formation back with another c-130 but that plan was short lived. There was not a cloud in the sky, I thought they were just gonna bust a u-turn but they requested an "Full-on" emergency with priority handling. Who knows what else might have been going on up there.
Ronald Padgett 0
No telling what else was wrong... instrument panel and landing gear issue? [or was the landing gear a result of the instrument panel?... non-pilot asking a question. :) ]


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