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Fight breaks out among a dozen people at Minneapolis airport

Police are investigating a fight that erupted in a terminal at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport shortly after a plane had landed from Orlando, Florida. About a dozen male and female passengers were involved in the scrape after two large groups of travelers deplaned from a Frontier Airlines flight just before midnight Friday. ( Ещё...

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Cleffer 8
Like we always say here, it's going to keep happening until they start publicizing the punishments to show there are actual consequences for this stupidity.
pjshield 3
Here's a short video of the fight. Perps as expected. No further comment!
victorbravo77 4
A fight among a dozen people and "No arrests have been made?"

I thought they all deplaned the same Spirit Airlines flight. It's going to be an interesting investigation.
Alan Zelt 6
Like Pavlov's dog, you assumed it was Spirit. Not this time: Frontier.
victorbravo77 1
You are correct. My err. Thank you.
avionik99 3
Funny how the media has conveniently left out the race of the people fighting? Thats because this is not the narrative the MSM wants on people of color.
ADXbear 1
Here in O town, we make sure everyone leaves without a cent so far ilies can get passes off when they get home... lol
avionik99 -1
Just sell more alcohol at the airports and inflight. That will put a stop to this madness!
Larry Toler 4
This might not have anything to do with alcohol this time. For once no one was fighting on the aircraft. Something tells me another group was waiting at the airport for this this other party to arrive.
Dale Ballok 1
Far fetched, as you need a boarding pass to be allowed access to the concourse and gate area.
joseph muro 0
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