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China COMAC C919 Coming To Canada For Certification

The Comac C919 has entered a crucial phase of its development... see who is helping China to compete with Boeing, Airbus etc... on the image in the article ( Ещё...

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david fairchild 6
These aircraft and their crew should be impounded and held, until our two Canadians are released.
James T 11
In the same time communist China is holding two Canadians as hostages for more than two years now...
che mex -1
true...but Canada has also been holding a Chinese citizen for more than two years at the request of the USA....just saying this to give a complete picture on the issue...
david fairchild 2
True, but that was at the legal request of a neighbour and key trading partner, the Canadians are being held for spite.
Edie Craddock 0
I disagree; it was at the behest of our Justice Dept who was asleep at the switch & a drama teacher who has no idea what to do at anytime! We should not have complied with the US request, it was hap-hazzard, poorly prepared; no doubt ordered by Trump & Canadian govt was too dumb to see it coming. We put ourselves in huawei spot
Mephistopheles 1
Yes... Canada must send that huawei woman to the USA asap to face trial for what she is accused of... she is (with $$$$) trying to get out of it... the USA is Canada's best friend... not China ;-) As for China... we know... it's the world symbol of human rights, civil liberty and democracy... LOL (grow up)
dval18 1
Canada is truly between a rock and a hard place.
Edie Craddock 5
This should not be allowed for
so many reasons on so many levels. Covid, the Michael’s, spineless Trudeau & Hussein 5G. Lots of fed money propping ITPS. China quietly establishing deeper & deeper footholds in Canadian aviation. Baby justin is selling out.
Edie Craddock 2
Yea... iPhones shouldn’t think
Po Lau 4
Boeing is not going to be able to kill this one off like our CSeries, isn't it? Yep, fair competition, until the bully stick it up your arse ... that pain in the butt, tears in the eyes, but they see clearly!
Highflyer1950 3
Kinda looks like an A-220-200 (C-series) except for possibly a more raked vertical fin? China would never copy anyone else would they?
Mephistopheles 0
Bombardier did help COMAC... especially with the composite wing...
dardav 3
bend over trudeau has sunk low but apparently he knows where to get lower. Man is a effing disgrace to Canada
che mex 1
we won't ask for who you have voted in the past and will be voting in the futur..
Mephistopheles -1
Canada needs to get rid of the drama teacher... yup.. that's his domain of expertise... what a "show"...
Jim Mitchell 1
Canada applying reverse psychology on China?
Antoni Mazur 1
In my book, no testing, no further concessions of any kind until the Michaels are released. If they want something, anything from Canada, the first response should be "release them, then we'll talk" Instead, Buy EU, US, Taiwanese and South American Products and trash the Chinese insidious and false "economic engine" which in reality is simply another weapon being used against the West to further the Chinese Communist Party's avowed goal of world domination.


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