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Boeing takes Embraer to arbitration over failed aviation deal

So far, it has only been publicly known that Embraer had taken Boeing to arbitration ( Ещё...

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Robert Cowling 2
Who took who to arbitration? This article says, interchangeably, that one or the other did the call. So which is it?
Michael Enzmann 4
First Embraer took Boeing to arbitration, and now Boeing has taken Embraer to arbitration. The report states that so far nothing is known of the reason for Boeing's case except they filed.
vprieto2604 1
The deal, which seemed to be a win-win partnership for both companies, was also misconducted by both companies. Embraer and Boeing were suspicious about each other from the begining, each one seeing the other party as willing to take advantages for itself.
Robert Cowling 1
This 'deal' sounds like porcupines mating. Well, except in this case, they didn't have to mate. What an odd combination.

Didn't Embraer do a project with Airbus too?

Oh, no, that was Bombardier that sold out of commercial aviation and gave Airbus the A220. My bad. Trying to keep it all straight...


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