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Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace are working on sleeping places in the cargo hold

Hamburg - The cargo hold could soon become a dormitory, at least in part. Airbus and Zodiac Aerospace are working on places where passengers can sleep in the lower deck of the A330 during long-haul flights from 2020 onwards. There is already a potential customer for the concept. ( Ещё...

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john trotti 4
How about a nursery area for families with babies or screaming/seat-kicking brats, or perhaps people who bring pets aboard for comfort (not service animals)
paul gilpin 6
there are areas already in place for "those" people.
the areas are called the wings.
Brian Garrett 2
rwtimmons 1
It is ignorant to lump human babies traveling with families and "emotional support" pets/animals in the same class. You were a screaming brat at one point maybe you should have rode on the wing or top of the car on family trips.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
rwtimmons; if I understand the thrust of your squawk, I *think* that we agree! Did your first sentence mean that we *should* lump children in with emotional support animals?

Actually, most of us learned how to behave in public from an early age, without embarrassing our parents or pissing off an entire airliner full of usually-tolerant people. Or our parents would not have dreamed of inflicting a transatlantic journey on a small child.

The current trend to "express everything" needs to be tempered by the fact that, sometimes, people do *not* care about some spoilt, mis-behaving brat whose parents have clearly delivered a less-than-optimal job of preparing the child to be let looses on an unsuspecting public. When I was growing up, I would have regarded an "emotional support animal" as lunch!

Did I read you correctly?
dakotadoc 4
I believe in the streamliner days they used to refer to that as "Steerage."
gmg180 4
I wonder how that is going to go in terms of certification as it relates to emergency escape.
S Nervig 1
The FAA (and other certification entities) would have little objection to this type of lower deck (or over-ceiling) configuration, as long as the passengers are in their main-deck seats (for which are certified for emergency evacuation) during take-off and landing.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
I understand that early DC_10s were quite good at opening the hold cargo door from the inside......
Brian Garrett 3
I have been saying this needs to be done for YEARS now... heck, I'd take it any further. Instead of having sleeping places in the cargo hold, take a whole section in the economy class, take the seats out and put floor to ceiling bunks in. I don't need much room to sit up in - a couple two/three feet? If I had a plane that was targeted for overseas or long-haul travel I would much rather lounge around laying down for that time than try to figure out where to put my knees at.
I do not think the FAA in the USA would approve, only on carrier's that stay out of US Air Space
Brian Garrett 1
I think if there was enough financial demand on this the airlines would be able to work with the FAA to develop a system that would work.
Rob Palmer 3
Will passengers be kept in the hold, like steerage in the old days? This will definitely establish a "class system" in flying.
Mike Marra 1
Interesting idea...keep in mind the great Zeppelins were doing this in the 1920's with transcontinental flight. The Graf Zeppelin flew around the world with paying passengers having private bedrooms well before Lindbergh soloed across the Atlantic. People loved it then and will love it now! Mike N714AJ
Luis A. Nazario De Jesus 1
estoy fuera del aire por el huracan maria pronto estaré colocando la antena nuevamente y activando flights Aware
Jonathan T-Cole 1
747 and M.D.11 had crew Quarters like that
John Hansen 1
LOL. Why not include a swimming pool?
Jon Herd 1
April 1 was a week or so ago.
Colin Seftel 1
I also thought it was a hoax, but apparently not!
David Kruss 1
Sleeper berths or a lounge type area for any passenger (not just premium cabin) would be the best bet. I know on my trips to the US on the QF A380 basically no one used the dark lounge area at the other than for the odd stretch of the legs.
Ivan Blakely 1
I understand standard lower deck pallets are max 64"/162cm high ...
Will you need to crawl on all fours to your bunk ?
William Singleton 2
The height is to accommodate the loading door size.
Brendan Dick 1
I think a gym/workout space is a great idea, sleeping on a plane is over rated (done the pod, love it but mostly I am awake), a little activity go back to your seat and then catch a few moments of shut eye, bring it on
Gary Baker 1
These kind of human interest stories seem to come out every few months. Have seen similar adds from 50 years ago. Glamorous space, wasted and impractically expensive. They might jam more passengers in the hold, but not a playground with a slide for children.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
Would you envisage the slide terminating inside or outside the fuselage?
(tongue firmly in cheek!)


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