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Austin airport’s retro-styled South Terminal aims to open April 13

In less than two weeks, passengers flying Allegiant or Texas Sky airlines will fly out of Austin-Bergstrom International Airport’s newly rehabilitated South Terminal, rather than the main Barbara Jordan Terminal. The smaller terminal, located south of the airport tower and accessible only from Burleson Road, will open April 13. It will be home to just those two carriers for now, but airport officials say they expect more small, low-cost airlines will eventually follow. ( Ещё...

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scott8733 7
I believe this is the first time I've read the words 'golden age of flying' and 'Allegiant Airlines' in the same article.
Lewis Tripp 3
I was stationed at Bergstrom AFB in 1966.
ffrcobra1 3
April 13 is only 2 weeks away?
paul trubits 2


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