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4th A320 Neo faces engine trouble in less than a month

New Delhi: The Pratt & Whitney (P&W) engine trouble on the Airbus A320 Neo (new engine option) shows no sign of ending. On Saturday , an IndiGo A320 Neo, powered by P&W engine, developed a snag in one of its engines. “The aircraft (VT-ITC) got a `oil chip detected' warning for one engine at Vadodara. It had to be flown back to Delhi as a ferry (without passengers) on Sunday for engine change,“ said a source. Saturday's trouble is the fourth in less than a month with both… ( Ещё...

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Roy Hunte 2
P&W will have some explaining to do...
joel wiley 2
According to the link below, 70 A320neo a/c have been delivered. Unless one engine has experienced multiple incidents, that is about 6% of the fleet. Is this a bit high for teething issues?
Er.A.K. Mittal 1
But how many are fitted with P&W engines? And what's their "field" (actual user) report?
Manufacturer / supplier reports are generally different due to difference in testing conditions.
Er.A.K. Mittal 3
Is this problem with P&W engines limited to Indian shores only or there are victims of this problem from else where on the globe ?
linbb 0
Could be the carrier just like the trouble with B787 that no one else had.
william baker 3
No Jim air India was having multiple issues with the 787. They had Boeing crews in India to deal with the issues. Norwegian wasn't the only one having issues.
mukund joglekar 1
Geared Fan!!! Aren't ALL 320Neos fitted with the single-source P&W geared-fan engine?
Roy Hunte 1
No some are fitted with the CFM LEAP 1A.
William Pirlot 0
Should have used GE LEAP engines.
Stuart Fountain 1
Nope - Rolls Royce power every time
mikeap 1
Qantas A380 almost-crash Stuart. It's not the 80s anymore, this ain't your father's RR sadly.
Stuart Fountain 1
Ever watch Air Disasters on Smithsonian channel - one hell of a lot of US powered crashes!
Roy Hunte 1


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