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'Certainty' that Reunion debris from MH370, French official says

A piece of debris that washed up on the shore of Reunion Island in July was part of Malaysia Airlines Flight 370, the Paris prosecutor's office said Thursday, backing up a statement that Malaysia's Prime Minister made weeks ago. ( Ещё...

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Colin Seftel 7
It's interesting to learn that Boeing buys wing components from Airbus Defense and Space in Seville, Spain!
btweston 6
This can't be. Everyone knows that it's in a secret underground terrorist bunker being transformed into a nuclear missile. Dr. Evil or Cobra may be involved.
joel wiley 2
Do you prefer Alcoa or Reynolds Wrap?
Bernie20910 3
I think it's pretty obvious it's the dollar store brand...
Timothy McDonnell 1
Lets not forget Dr. Claw, SPECTRE, SkyNet or the Romulans. Essp the Romulans, green blooded liars in shoulder pads.
lynx318 1
Geoff Rowe 5
Okay I am really going to regret this but here is the Conspiracy Theory Response.

The piece was removed from the plane in Somewhereistan then dunked in the ocean for 18 months to be fished out and dumped off the coast of the island ready to be discovered. Meanwhile, conversion of the 777 to a nuclear missile continues.....
joel wiley 5
Be alert for suspicious attempts to purchase the replacement flapperon. Be alert for shrinkage in flapperon inventories.
Ken McIntyre 3
Didn't ISIS just buy a large 3D printer?
joel wiley 2
One faction blew it up as a kafir tool and haram.
btweston 1
matt jensen 1
Barnacles form in less than a month. These were dead already.
Ken McIntyre 3
joel wiley 4
And the Somewhereistan theory as well.
No, not really at all. Being as on the day the flight was "lost", on this very site there were "sightings" of this plane being in China (lets not forget the over 20 physicists and engineers from one single company).

Plenty of time to take them, take the plane "crash" it and then put some parts on a fishing trawler to dump over board. Not until I see a fuselage with the bodies inside will I think that this flight hit the drink.
Ivan Warrington 1
I don't buy it! No datatag, no part no. That just can't be. Could it have been dumped onto the ocean by boat and left to be found??? My theory is that it tucked under the Indian Air flight that was in the same area and is now in the Middle East.

By the way, did they ever find the other 777 that has been missing?
MrTommy 1
I guess it was about time to start 'leaking' some 'evidence' of the plane's final demise. I guess I just don't trust ANY governments anymore (if I EVER did . . .).
I got some super tasty Kool, have a cup...its "grape"...yummy (note: I have never ever had a "grape drink that tasted anything like any grape I have ever eaten)


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