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14 airport amenities that will make you long for a layover

It's inevitable these days. If you fly, you're going to have to spend a good amount of time at the airport, either waiting to take off or between flights. Thankfully, more and more airports are sympathetic to your situation and are adding unique amenities to help keep you entertained. ( Ещё...

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Paul Woods 1
If I have a long stop- or lay-over I like to have a decent hotel room with a shower, internet access and a comfortable bed. That is available at Amsterdam-Schiphol too.
brian dubey 1
a short stay with art work or a movie would be nice. I notice some of the business lounges have showers and a bed with business space-wi-fit that are very nice for me mostly overseas. I think airports with more stores are nice too. I do not think anyone can beat Hethrow for stores after processing for flights.


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