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Justin Bieber is labelled a security risk by a Qantas flight attendant

Justin Bieber was chastised by a flight attendant for "behaving like a child". ( Ещё...

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Zachary Colescott 0
Ricky Scott 0
Whats with the adds in your posts lately
justin martin 0
he sucks at singing anyways he just needs to be arrested and have a life sentence for being such a terrible singer
Kenneth Kibben 0
Strap his butt to a booster seat and stuff a pacifier in his mouth... Wouldn't have to listen to him sing.....
Tom Kearney 0
That 'child' is a huge money sucking vacuum cleaner of a corporation sanctioned by the wallets of free thinking parents all over the world. And you, Miss Qantas flight attendant, YOU have meddled with the primal forces of nature, and YOU WILL ATONE!
FedExCargoPilot 0
this kid shouldn't be allowed into business class of a qantas plane but rather in the cargo hold!
TTail 0
he is 17, and can afford to buy a gulfstream 4 or 5 without any problem, what in the hell is he doing flying commericial anyways??


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