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Chartered Delta 757 carrying the Utah Jazz suffers bird strike and engine failure at Salt Lake International

A Delta Boeing 757 chartered by the Utah Jazz NBA basketball team took off from SLC enroute to Memphis for a basketball game. At around 3,500 agl the aircraft hit a flock of birds causing such significant damage to the number one engine that it lit on fire and shut down. The aircraft circled back and made a safe landing and fire crews escorted the plane to a safe evacuation area. The team was then sent on a later plane to their destination. ( Ещё...

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Mike Hindson-Evans 8
A happy outcome from an unplanned event. A similar event at Manchester airport here in the UK (co-incidentally also involving a B757) is a regular on YouTube; ingested a bird at rotation, proceeded onwards and upwards trailing smoke and flame from the starboard engine; happy outcome later.

Compliments to the training, the aircrew - and the second engine.
alex hidveghy 3
Yes, that video of MAN is used in wildlife mitigation classes for the past decade. I’ve seen it at least a dozen times. And of course the US Airways A320 in the Hudson. Both classic cases.
George Pepe 2
Putty, the 757 is a very beautiful plane
alex hidveghy 2
The plane survived. You just change the engine!
Heck, when the BA 777 #1 engine blew up on takeoff roll at LAS and caught fire, damaging the wi g and fuselage, it was back i. The air some 8 months later!
George Pepe 1
But it’s also sad that there was no video of the actual strike
alex hidveghy 1
Not always being in the right place at the right time to catch the action.
However, you can easily visualize it. I know I can.....
George Pepe 2
Sometimes I wonder how people decided to video tape one day, and how it ended up that this time it would be something big that they caught on camera.
Edwin Marker 2
"The end result of all of this is the same regardless of what it was." What on earth is this babble all about?
darjr26 2
I was thinking the same thing. Is marijuana legal in Utah?
James Simms 1
It is a big deal. Although not very likely, the loss of plane, crew, & passengers (in this case a pro basketball team) would have been very, very big news. In the case of the having a pro team on board; losing it would have had repercussions across the league (or any pro league, college team, or conference). The pros would have held a ‘draft’ of players on other teams to regenerate the team to continue playing. Could be, the sentiment to not play would be strong.
Pat S. 1
Christer Hamre -1
Hi. Cannot open "Chartered Delta 757 carrying the Utah Jazz suffers bird strike and engine failure at Salt Lake International" link in the FlightAware newsletter.

in Sweden


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