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AOPA President responds to AvWeb article

About 30 days ago, an online group called AVweb posted a gross miscalculation, saying that executives at AOPA had received pay increases of 14 percent. That report was flat out wrong, and we said so. But the post stayed up for about three days before the publisher agreed to take it down, and it caused no small amount of angst. The truth is that the top 10 people at AOPA saw salary increases of less than 3 percent from 2008 to 2009 and less than 2 percent from 2009 to 2010. (blog.aopa.org) Ещё...

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Gene spanos 0
The truth is that the AOPA cut a big fat deal.
They supported the 35 Billion with a "B"
FAA Reauthorization Bill for free landing rights
no fees - across this country.

Then these renagades don't have their tail numbers
logged in with the FAA ?

119 thousand ?

Private and commercial ?

Who's running the Grid over our country - the Dem's?
Chip Hermes 0
Louis Levasseur 0
AOPA does a fantastic job with the $40 I send them every year. If the top few people make a good salary, I'm not going to complain. It is money well spent.

As far as the tail number problem goes, it looks like the FAA lost the information. While this is a problem, I don't see how this is a security issue. The number on the side of my airplane doesn't have anything to do with Bernoulli's principle. Airplanes fly, with or without a valid registration. I can make up an N-number when I call ATC. Unless we all have ADS-B, with hard wired/government installed transponder codes, N-Numbers really don't matter. No, I don't advocate for this.

Of course, I wouldn't make up a number, or fly with an invalid registration, but there is nothing to prevent drug importers, etc, from doing so.


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