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Poland’s LOT teams up with Alaska Airlines

Sławek Szefs reports that the American carrier prides itself on being the biggest West Coast player -- which provides a strong attribute for the future partnership. (www.thenews.pl) Ещё...

Heavy Weapons Over Seattle

An AC-130J Ghostrider gunship flew from a base in Florida to a mission over Seattle on Tuesday, circling repeatedly over SEATAC. Tactical/surveillance, or just an urban training mission? (www.thedrive.com) Ещё...

Airbus Helicopters strengthens position in U.K. market

Airbus Helicopters U.K. has defied market conditions with a new high of 14 civil aircraft booked in 2017, demonstrating a year-on-year average growth in the civil market of 36 percent since 2013. (www.verticalmag.com) Ещё...

Amelia Island Airport To Build New GA Terminal, FBO

Florida’s Fernandina Beach Municipal Airport will soon be receiving a new general aviation terminal along with a new company to manage it. (www.ainonline.com) Ещё...

Saratov Airlines Forced To Ground An-148s

Russian aviation authority Rostransnadzor on Tuesday issued an “inspector instruction” to Saratov Airlines calling for the grounding of its five remaining Antonov An-148s in response to flight safety concerns raised by the February 11 crash of one of the twinjets, in which all 71 people on board were killed. (www.ainonline.com) Ещё...

High Flyer Interview: American Airlines President, Robert Isom

This interview covers a lot of territory: Capacity Increases & Network Discipline, Cost Creep vs Operating Margins , Battling ULCCs, The Future of the Fleet including the A350, The ROI on investing in their team, JVs versus alliances, & what’s up with their controversial 737MAX?! (airwaysmag.com) Ещё...


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