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VAN'S RV-7 (N970WM)


Parallel landings on Reno Tahoe International's parallel runways as UPS's A306 (N172UP), a heavy Bus, flares out to touch down on 16R while pilot Jim Martin is slowing to taxi speed after having just landed his RV (N970WM) on 16L. The RV was arriving after a short flight from Carson City (KCXP); the Bus was completing a brief flight from Mather (KMHR) in California. FilghtAware shows that the two aircraft arrived two minutes apart (see * note below), but as can be seen in the above shot, they touched down within the same few seconds.
(* NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, arrival times shown by FA are actually the times that the aircraft got to the gate after taxiing, so if my belief is correct it explains the two minute time difference.


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Greg Byington
Nice shot, Gary!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
TY, Greg. (Wave)
Tony Erni
Great photo Gary.
Viv Pike
Great pic, my choice.
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Tony & Viv ... Hi and Thank You both for your comments. My "experiment" (posting two versions of this pic) will help me determine how to proceed when I post photos in the future so I appreciate your comments here.
A bit more info about how this photo came to be. I was listening to the tower as these two were on approach, and I heard the tower controller offer Mr. Martin the choice of extending his base leg a short distance in order to land after the UPS Airbus or skip his base and turn final immediately in order to get to 16L a few feet ahead of the Bus. Without hesitation, Mr. Martin elected to hang a sharp left and get in front of the Airbus. The tower controller approved Mr. Martin's decision and notified the UPS pilots who acknowledged ... AND who also indicated they thought it was a good choice. After the parallel landings seen here, I was able to make contact with Mr. Martin. When we discussed the transmissions I had heard, he laughed and said that his decision had been an absolute no-brainer. "If I had extended in order to (turn final and) line up (for 16L) after the Airbus, I'd have had to wait another few minutes to land because the (wake) turbulence (from the Airbus) would have tossed me around like a feather in a hurricane." Actually, as I had watched and photographed the parallel approaches, I had been wondering if the RV would get down on terra firma before the Airbus caught up and passed it. Obviously, Mr. Martin's little RV won the race, but not by a huge margin. lol
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N970WM (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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12 май 2019 UnknownMinden-Tahoe ()Reno/Tahoe Intl () 09:49 PDT 10:07 PDT 0:18
12 май 2019 UnknownReno/Tahoe Intl ()Minden-Tahoe () 08:31 PDT 08:46 PDT 0:14
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