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Gene Sudduth
What a beauty!
Pablo Levin
The Super Constellation was one of the most beautiful planes ever made!
Martin Sharpe
First trip to Japan. Travis AFB to Hickam AFB 9 hours. Hickam to Wake Island 9 hours. Wake to Tachikawa AFB 9 hours.
Gary Schenauer
Martin, you have just awakened an old memory for me. First, and only, trip to Japan. Not in one of these, tho. Quicker trip. UA DC-8 .. 1970. Travis to Hickam and then on to Tachi. And then, the CIA's Scare America to Misawa.
Misa ... Without a doubt, best overseas assignment I ever had. I enjoyed the flashback. Thnx, Martin. :-)
1960 San Francisco to Honolulu to Wake finally Naha Okinawa TWA Super Connie w/ a long stop in Hawaii as main gear blew on Take off roll only to have the other side blow out once the acrft came to a stop. It was exciting...
denis holleley
18 years with Eastern Air Lines sadly worked from 1972-1991 missed this magnificent bird
Kurt Anderson
I worked on these (hyd.& airframes) at LAS NY after discharge from the USN in the mid 60s.Mostly AWACS stuff, the ones with the huge radar domes on top. The old memory is starting to go but I can still call one if is miles away. Mostly air shows anymore.
Thanks for letting me ramble.
Mathias Böttcher
Super photo - rarity aircraft , these are 5* !
Any one have a picture of the LA Dodgers Connie?
Frederick Streeter
What a beauty indeed . We were on holiday on Lake Thun in Switzerland 3 years ago when this
magnificent lady flew up and down the lake on a number of days usually escorted by an equally shining DC3... Will not forget that holiday in a hurry .
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