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Boeing MD-11 (N513SN) - Wish Western Global would send one of their MD-11s that has their livery on it rather than these plain white birds to DFW. This is the 3rd different all white MD-11 from Western Global Ive had the chance to photograph at DFW. This MD-11 started life with Finnair (Please view in "full" for highest image quality)
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Boeing MD-11 (N513SN)


Wish Western Global would send one of their MD-11s that has their livery on it rather than these plain white birds to DFW. This is the 3rd different all white MD-11 from Western Global I've had the chance to photograph at DFW. This MD-11 started life with Finnair (Please view in "full" for highest image quality)


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Lee Smith
Are they White only because of the cost of Painting, Labor, and fuel usage to haul around all that Paint on a plane?
Garrett HellerPhoto Uploader
Hi Lee- I'm not sure but that would make sense to me! I know Western Global is pretty responsive on social media, I may have to reach out and see what they say.
Samuel Bixler
I doubt that white paint is any less dense than other colors... unpainted would be the only way to save weight. I imagine that all white simply saves on the cost of painting.
We have one of those that comes into the UPS facility at KCLE. Only once have I seen one in Western Global livery.
Edward Dougherty
Just a Thumbs Up on the initial note here. You nicely explain the 'Why' on a picture like this. Also, the back-back story on this machine's earlier life. The branding of airliners is so automatic, so powerful, that it's just very arresting to see so large a craft completely unadorned like this.
tom wymelenberg
Here at RSW, they had 2 MD11,s and a 747 parked out on the tarmac of the old terminal area for quite a while. They were all white and being worked on occasionally. I ran the N numbers and they came from a defunct carribean cargo airline. They all eventually left but I have seen them fly over my house as I live below the final for a E-W approach. Not long ago I captured one of their 747's in the early am on Ft.Myers Beach on final for a W-E landing with a giant paint job leaving no doubt.
marylou anderson
I'm not understanding.
Why aren't there markings on this aircraft?
Kinda strange isn't it?
Then again--just in time for Halloween!
patrick baker
magnificent great white whale of an airliner.....
Spencer Hoefer
Looks like it could be a "Con air" paint job minus the fact it has been converted to a cargo aircraft haha
William Candee
There are a couple of reasons. Western Global often flies subservice or additional service or ACMI for other airlines, sometimes operating under those airlines' own flight numbers. So, Reason One: Safety. If it's got a FedEx flight number and says Western Global on the side, ATC, airport ops, etc. can get confused and sometimes doesn't like it. This isn't a primary driver, but it's an issue. Reason Two: Sometimes, those airlines (say, UPS or FedEx during Peak) would just prefer that if they're using another airline's aircraft to move their stuff, it not be emblazoned with that carrier's livery. And some don't care. A white aircraft is innocuous. And that leads us to Reason Three, an important one: Western Global flies to some places in the world in which you'd be well-advised not to have Roman lettering on your aircraft, much less Roman lettering in English talking about Western, which will maybe draw somebody's eye to the little American flag on the tail. Sometimes you want to be inconspicuous. Finally, Reason Four: if you're going ACMI work, and the carrier wants its marks on the aircraft, it's easy and inexpensive to letter some reference to the carrier you're working for on an all-white aircraft.
Airfix undecorated MD-11 kit. 1:1 scale. Price upon request.
Bill Snowden
Just saw this plane flying over my house amazingly lit up bu the sunset.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N513SN (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Аэропорт вылета Аэропорт прилета Вылет Прилет Длительность
6 дек 2021 MD11Инчхон ()Анкоридж () 23:35 KST 12:24 AKST Выл. / Прил. по расписанию
6 дек 2021 MD11Чхеклапкок ()Инчхон () 11:28 HKT 15:11 KST 2:43
6 дек 2021 MD11Инчхон ()Чхеклапкок () 06:37 KST 08:45 HKT 3:07
4 дек 2021 MD11Лос-Анджелес ()Инчхон () 19:57 PST 02:09 KST (+2) 13:12
28 ноя 2021 MD11Анкоридж ()Лос-Анджелес () 10:28 AKST 16:04 PST 4:35
28 ноя 2021 MD11Инчхон ()Анкоридж () 18:50 KST 08:39 AKST 7:48
28 ноя 2021 MD11Fuzhou Changle Int'l ()Инчхон () 13:48 CST 16:48 KST 1:59
28 ноя 2021 MD11Инчхон ()Рядом с Fuzhou, Fujian 07:22 KST Last seen 08:38 CST 2:15
27 ноя 2021 MD11Анкоридж ()Инчхон () 03:29 AKST 05:30 KST (+1) 8:00
26 ноя 2021 MD11Лос-Анджелес ()Анкоридж () 19:31 PST 23:27 AKST 4:56
26 ноя 2021 MD11Анкоридж ()Лос-Анджелес () 03:51 AKST 09:09 PST 4:18
26 ноя 2021 MD11Jinan Yaoqiang ()Анкоридж () 09:37 CST 00:52 AKST 8:15
26 ноя 2021 MD11Инчхон ()Рядом с Jinan, Shandong 05:34 KST Last seen 05:55 CST 1:20
25 ноя 2021 MD11Анкоридж ()Инчхон () 01:32 AKST 03:30 KST (+1) 7:57
24 ноя 2021 MD11Лос-Анджелес ()Анкоридж () 19:09 PST 22:57 AKST 4:47
22 ноя 2021 MD11Анкоридж ()Лос-Анджелес () 18:21 AKST 23:44 PST 4:22
23 ноя 2021 MD11Инчхон ()Анкоридж () 03:24 KST 16:29 AKST (-1) 7:04
22 ноя 2021 MD11Fuzhou Changle Int'l ()Инчхон () 22:33 CST 01:31 KST (+1) 1:58
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