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N887XP — - EAA Airventure 2019
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N887XP —


EAA Airventure 2019


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Harry Ellett
F82 Mustang
Michael Ambrosio
Love these so much!
Alan Brown
Great photo! Thanks for showing us that this one is still flying, and no longer just experimental or a dream.
Paul F Harris
Thank you for posting this photo
I love this Plane as well as the P51
ian mcdonell
Nate AndersPhoto Uploader
Thank you all!
Alan Hume
Never really saw the point of these. Fortunately the jet-age made them obsolete as soon as they were made.
Anthony Holding
Excellent picture wish we had one over in England I have noticed on flight radar a lot of ( to us). Odd aircraft mainly in Norfolk near usaf/ army airbases
ken kemper

A great pic and I enjoyed the F82 back in 2019 at Oshkosh.
Al Bauer
There is one of these in the Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson Air Base in Dayton Ohio.
Gary Grogan
These were rather rare, and more of a bomber, than a fighter plane!
Jan Strömbäck
Alan Hume. Twice the power with two less main gear and a whole wing, tail is centered but the outer part of one of the main wing on both aircrafts are gone, lighter and faster I bet!
Back in the late 60's I saw one parked in the boneyard (Davis-Monthan AFB)
David Malsher
Wow, they're flying so close, it's almost like they're joined together . Typical photographic witchcraft
Will Sutton
There was an example of this on static display when I was at Basic Training at Lackland AFB, TX in Aug-Sep 1971.
Chris C Kinsley
Super looking unusual aircraft. Would love to see and hear it
Bror Monberg
Designed as fighter escorts for long range bombers.
Chris C Kinsley
Very unusual super looking aircraft, should love to see and hear one
Twice the fun with two Allisons! Had a friend who was a right-seat radar guy in F-82F's in Alaska. He claimed the left-seat pilot could land 'his side', while keeping the right side up in the air!!

"Put me down!"
They had 82S based at Ladd air force base when I was there in 1948.Great plane.
Justin Smith
I own a piece of the skin of one of these. Such an odd and cool airplane at the same time.
Nice catch and a great photo of an unusual and rare plane. Wish I had heard it fly over - two Allisons ??
David Mursch
Primary purpose was to be a night fighter. They were used early in the Korean War. A radome was attached to the right wing and the radar operator was in the right cockpit. An early version of the GIB. Some F4U Corsairs had a similar radar set up, but only the one pilot. The F-82 was too late for WWII, and too few for Korea to be really effective. If we would have had to use B-29's to bomb Europe from North American bases, the F-82 would have been the primary long range escort.
Jesse Carroll
Thinking why they didn't label it as a (PP-102)....51+51=102.....;))))
Hawk Moore
This XP-82, only airworthy one in the world, is currently located at the Valiant Air Command Warbird Museum in Titusville, FL. She is a real beauty . . . snd the sound of those twin Merlins are amazing!
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