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Flying with gooses ! It's possible !


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Paul Wisgerhof
Two questions: a) how close to stall is the plane; and, b) is he pushing the geese to fly faster?
Geoffrey Luck
The plural is geese
serge LOTH
Merci Jean Pierre,je les ai eu en meeting-c’est extraordinaire, C.est toujours Moullec qui fait ça?
richard Atkinson
What a great photo of man, machine and nature in harmony. Without knowing the back-story, there's every chance this guy reared the birds and hence why they now follow him in flight... love it!
Mike MacDonald
Turkeys might be different! :)
Adrian Piers
Paul, the geese are using the forward pressure wave of the wing to help them fly easier. They do it with each other in nature, which is why they fly in formation.
Nestor Obie
Just beatifull
Joe Gowen
Do u know why there are more geese’s on one side?
Haruna Asoguni
Why are the geese there?
marylou anderson
In swimming, letting the other guy in the next lane who is swimming harder do all the work is called "drafting". What a giggle to think that the geese are drafting off that contraption.
Great pic, by the way!
david wallis
This has been going on every year for many years now, hatching the birds in Wisconsin and then teaching them to fly with that aircraft, and then fly to South for migration. The Trike is flying right on the edge of stall. the young birds can only fly a distance of approximately 50 miles before they tire out. They rest as required and then continue south. There is a large contingent of ground support vehicles that accompany the migration including support for the birds as well as the aircraft and pilot.
The geese are escorting the pilot out of a restricted area!
Ross Meyer
Is this the real life portrayed in the movie of about 20 years ago?
Linda Nitzschke
Looks like he's high on gettin' goosed!
Drafting is done from behind as in auto car racing. One bird is a goose, two or more are geese or can be called a gaggle as in a school of fish or a gaggle of geese.
15ADE.. flying with gooses? I don't think so. I like jet4ang's comment, and Linda's comment, and David Wallis, did this not begin as you say, many years ago the first beginning in Canada, requiring special permission to fly across the border without first getting customs clearance?
Bill Gardner
Lets see if anyone remembers this movie...

Fly Away Home
Bill Gardner
I forgot to mention the movie says there were 16 total Geese, but here theirs only 10, but maybe this is that same guy.
the movie is a true story
Bill Gardner
Found this link of that aircraft and they all show Geese following him


thanx for the share, this brings back alot of memories of watching that movie.
Leon Kay
Great photo bringing back fond memories of the movie "Fly Away Home".
Donald Macomber
Nate Rasband
This is the true definition of flying from what kids think. Awesome!
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