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Peter Zimmerman
Please get rid of photo or explain why the swastika on a plane built well after the end of World War .
Pierre Sprumont
I do agree with Peter Zimmerman. The swastika has nothing to do here. Millions of people have been killed in the name of this emblem.
sam kuminecz
Peter it is a historically accurate representation of history. Wether you like it or not you don't forget the past. Same when Russian stars. Or the rising sun.
In certain countries of the world, predominately European countries, reproduction of Nazi symbols such as this Nazi swastika are unequivocally prohibited. In some other European countries the display of this symbol would not be permitted except for historical purposes. Or, there might be no such restrictions whatsoever.

As far as I am aware, there are no restrictions or a ban on display in Great Britain, where this aircraft is registered. Obviously, this aircraft is painted in a historically correct livery for the period it represents.

The proper course of action for anyone who objects to the inclusion of the Nazi swastika on this aircraft would be to attempt contact with the aircraft owners - and not by criticizing the photographer or questioning the inclusion of this image on the FA website.

If so inclined to know, one may find information relative to who owns this historical aircraft on the British Civil Aviation Authority website.
Philippe Domogala
cliff 731, you may be technically right except for one point ; this not so historical, because it is a CASA build in 1957 , not an original Bucker of the 1936 Olympic games, different engine , nose cowling, etc.. altogether.
So choosing this aggressive livery is a choice, not part of a so called historical reconstruction obligation.
In many EU countries, Germany and Austria to name only two I know for sure, such livery display will be prohibited by law.
Huh. I didn't know the Clinton Campaign was using a CASA. Cool.
Roy Hunte
The Netherlands, Denmark and France also have laws prohibiting the display of the swastika, in Germany and Austria you can be arrested and imprisoned for displaying it, except in museums, etc where special permission is required from the authorities. That is how I understand it, LMK if incorrect in any way.
Andy Power
I 100% agree with the comments to please get rid of this picture. Yes, the aircraft is beautiful but that tail ruins it to the core. My dad and Niles fought that f'g symbol other to mention the millions of totally innocent people who were brutally murdered by the people hate built and worshipped that idiotic symbol. Sadly there's far too many lost souls that continues to today. God help us and them. Let's start by X'g this picture oday!
sam kuminecz
there is nothing wrong with a historical artifact with a swastika or hakaristi or a hammer and sickle if you want to be technical (communists in 1930s-1940s were worse than the Germans)
if its a symbol of hatred and meant to be posted as such then yes delete
but on a time historical aircraft, while it may shake some heads, its where it belongs...
don't forget about history or your repreat it

its a good time to talk to youngsters at airshows about what it symbolized....

great photo
Why should he get rid of the picture?
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