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N30048 — - Operation Deep Freeze IV 1958-59
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N30048 —


Operation Deep Freeze IV 1958-59


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TWA55Photo Uploader
This photo taken by my dad during his year long tour at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica 1958-59
Kurt Finger
Very, very nice.
Alan Brown
Great photo of a C-97 dressed for winter.
It's actually a C-124 Globemaster.
Paul Wisgerhof
"30048" is the USAF serial number/registration number for this aircraft. It is not an "N" number and the letter "N" should not precede the number.
Paul... actually the "30048" is only the USAF "tail number", which was derived from the assigned USAF s/n. In the case of this aircraft, that USAF s/n is 53-048.

Joe Baugher's published information indicates this Douglas C-124C Globemaster II was Douglas c/n (MSN) 44343, adding that it went "to MASDC as CQ270 Apr 2, 1972".

That "N30048" is a result of the photo uploader entering "30048" into the registration box on FlightAware's data entry screen during the photo upload process. The "N" is automatically inserted by FlightAware... Vincent didn't do that. If you had ever uploaded any USAF military aircraft photos, you would have run into this FA "glitch".
David Cochrun
Nice photo of aircraft on the ice runway early in the season. I spent three years on the continent flying ski equipped C-130s (navigator) in the Navy's VXE-6 Antarctic Development Squadron.
Chas DeVine
'Ole Shaky'. What a beauty, keep me employed and the family fed for years.
My ride to and from Tokyo for R&R in Korea.

Old Shaky.
Hugh Somsen
Flew one of these from Van Nuys ANG Base to McClellan AFB made emergency landing (Andrews hooked up the Avionics incorrectly) in Utah, then again in Nebraska,, then finally landed an entire day late at Andrews AFB. Blew tires when landing at Andrews. Thank heavens GA ANG Had spare tires. But other than rotted tires and blown Avionics it was an OK flight. The ANG flight crews were terrific.
FlightAware does not put an "N" in front of the number you enter. I have over 750 military photos posted and the numbers , no letters, range from 4 numbers to 7 numbers and they have never put an N in front of any of my photos.
John Middaugh
Forerunner of the 747.
John Middaugh
A tailblazer! Forerunner of the 747.
FlightAware should have plenty of computer gurus to correct the automatic insertion of letter N whener a tail number is typed in, it should not be a big deal.
Tom Vance
Very nice posting - I used to see these weekly at Boeing Field Seattle late 50s to 1964 when we moved to California,,these suckers were loud and when they departed, you could hear them for miles after they left south out of Boeing. I bet they were 'shaky'.. surprised FA does not have a 3 letter for McMurdo Sound! jk!
I was knee high to a grasshopper when my Dad took me out to CHC airport on an open day - still have the photo taken in front of one of these! Remember these and the Neptune's and have seen a whole array of aircraft since! Times have changed but gone are the good ole' days of VXE-6.
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