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Canadair CL-41 Tutor (C-FOFI)


For some reason this photo uploaded as a CL-41 Tutor, the box for writing the A/C type for some reason doesn't accept the full designation of CL-415.


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Daryl Sagar
WOW, what an awesome picture
It's certainly not a Canadair CT-114 Tutor. The CL-41 moniker was Canadair's internal model designation for the Tutor type.

This a/c in the photo is a Bombardier CL-415 according to the Canadian Civil Aircraft Registry.

This type was originally designed and first built by Canadair and now part of Bombardier Aerospace.
Shane HeardPhoto Uploader
I wrote CL415 in the a/c type box when uploading and it didn't accept it as the proper type. I'm well aware it's not a CT-114 Tutor
Shane Heard - I presumed as much and such FA data entry quirks are often seen happening on the site.
still a great photo!
Shane HeardPhoto Uploader
Cliff731, yeah there's always been an issue with a/c type on here

Minor correction: In Oct 2016, Viking Air Ltd acquired the type certificate of the CL215/T/415 from Bombardier
Forget the site gremlins, that is a great picture!
Edward Pratt
roland pfeifer
All I can say is WOW What a great photo.

Hey, Shane, pretty amazing, for sure! Just how did you do that?
OMG, great timing! Nice picture!
Shane HeardPhoto Uploader
CDBrozovich, Long exposure, 30 seconds or so, set the camera on a tripod while the northern lights were out and just let the shutter stay open for a while.
Anas Iqbal
I wonder what is the location of this picture?
Shane HeardPhoto Uploader
Anas Iqbal, CYYR, Happy Valley-Goose Bay in Labrador, northern Canada
Karl Leite
honza nl
it is not a CL-415, it is a CL-215T
honza nl,

This is actually a 415. The 215T has only 2 water drop doors.

Great photo!
G Zorbas
Irrespective of what detail or type of aircraft this might be, it fades into insignificance with the beautiful northern sky behind it.

Beautiful shot Shane, thanks! :)
Dave Mathes
...how about we just agree it's an awesome ploto and leave it at that...
Beautiful composition. Hope this encourages everyone to see a good display of the northern lights at least once in their lifetime. Photos never quite do justice. Time-exposures wash out the intricate structure and fast-moving dynamics. 30-seconds did a good job of capturing the star field, more apparent in the "large" size image. Two stars near the left edge are the big dipper pointer stars, with the north star straight up about 15 degrees above the top edge, consistent with around midnight in early October; or 8pm in December but I see no snow.
William Vavrek
sick! love it! I have photo of a similar aircraft in fairview alberta of the canso! its a beautiful aircraft
Claude Bureau
Very nice view and interesting composition with the Northernlights.
Technicaly, the CL215 is powerd by radial engines while the CL415 is the turbo version.
Vincent Paquet
You should be able to tag CL2T with your photos to show up as CL-415. You can view some similar photos here: https://flightaware.com/photos/aircrafttype/CL2T
Andre Blanchard
Great photo
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