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HB-RSC — - Over Switzerland , August 2016
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Over Switzerland , August 2016


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ian mcdonell
Geoff Anthony
Just wow, I know we have come a long way with technology etc. but aircraft these days don't seem to have the classic lines these ageing beauties have - or is that just my opinion?
Frank Wittmann
Sehr schöne Aufnahme. Wo ist diese denn entstanden??
Dale Kline
Beautiful, but I would like to see someone restore the WV-2 version of this. I served in AEWBARRONPAC out on Midway Island for a year in 1964-65. I love these old planes and the people who are restoring them to flight like the B29 Doc that was on here a few weeks ago.
Geoff, I actually think that the 787 is a very pretty looking airplane, especially the way the wings sweep in flight. The classics have a great look, and are a bit more varied. The A380 looks a bit oddly proportioned, though.
rick Vanrossum
I flew in a Connie in 1965 from Johannesburg to Luxembourg, it took three days with great stops along the way. The pilot pointed out the sights along the way, such as the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. A wonderful trip, nothing like today's stratospheric sightless ways.
Robert Newmark
I flew on these Constellation planes in the 1950's under the TWA logo. While I was quite young I have pleasant memories....
Charles Gaynor
The most beautiful & majestic airliner ever! I remember sitting on the grass 50'(+/-) off runway(s) 13/31 LR watching Connies, DC 7s and Martins landing! Wonderful pic. Thank you for the memories.
Peter Maas
fantastic photo. Those were the days when flying was a joy. You wore a suit and tie and you were treated by good looking ladies. Drinks were FREE, pillow was Free, Food were first class and every passenger behaved. What gets on the Airplanes today??? Sloppy dressed and stinky people with an attitude that causes Pilots to divert landing. Bring back the DRAFT!!!!!!
Always enjoyed watching Awful Godrey being 'Poured' into the left seat so he could show-off for his TV show
James Tappan
My love affair with aircraft began with an around-the-world trip in 1958, departing Idlewild on a TWA Super Connie. Then, the Concorde came along and a supersonic trip to Paris with my son, and I fell in love again! Thank you for the memories.
RONALD Pierre-Davis
Wonderful memories. Love it
My first coml. flight in 1952 MIA to PR a wonderful exp.
Robert Seccombe
My father flew the 1049 for Trans International out to the Pacific from Travis AFB in the mid 60's and really enjoyed the Connie.
Bill Mortensen
A beautiful aircraft!
A former Trans Canada Airlines (now Air Canada) Super Connie can be seen at Boeing's Air
Museum in Seattle, Wa. A site worth checking out.
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