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B-58 Hustler


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This B-58A is likely USAF s/n 55-668, MSN 9, from the initial service test aircraft and then designated a YB-58A-1-CF Hustler according to Mr. Joe Baugher's excellent information...

"55-662/672, Convair YB-58A-1-CF Hustler, MSN 3/13. Service test aircraft. Later redesignated B-58A".

Mr. Baugher further adds this regarding 55-668...

"668 (MSN 9) assigned to 6592nd Test Squadron at Carswell AFB, Texas and used for various special projects; Hughes AN/APQ-69 SLAR, Goodyear AN/APS-73. Originally scheduled to be first airframe fitted with J79-GE-9 engines for B-58B. Converted to TB-58A. Assigned to 43rd Bombardment Wing, Carswell AFB, TX. Later to Little Rock AFB, AR(.) Named ‘Wild Child II’, Named ‘Peeping Tom’. To MASDC as BQ081 (or BQ084) Jan 16, 1970. Put on display at Southwest Aerospace Museum, Fort Worth, TX. Following closure of that museum, transferred to Meacham Airport where it was to be put in a museum to be built at the airport. Plans for the museum were dropped. Briefly moved to AF Plant No 4 and displayed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the CONVAIR plant. Plane then moved to the Lone Star Flight Museum of Galveston, TX in 1990. Hurricane struck the museum and damaged and destroyed many of their aircraft. The museum was able to acquire a new building, but they no longer wanted the Hustler. Moved to Little Rock AFB in 2012 where it was be put on display at an airpark there. In Aug 2012 was on display at Little Rock AFB, Arkansas."

I will surmise then that unless this aircraft was later modified back to a B-58 version, it is a surviving example of a TB-58A Hustler. A number of the YB-58A Hustlers were so converted... possibly as many as eight (8) according to Wiki. Mr. Baugher's information indicates that only six (6) YB-58A aircraft were converted to the TB-58A trainer version, along with one (1) XB-58A converted to a TB-58A, which would result in seven (7) total TB-58A trainers.


Gerald NielsenPhoto Uploader
Thanks cliff731! Very awesome history of the aircraft! The photo was taken in the early 80's when it sat just outside of the main entrance gate at AF Plant 4 in Fort Worth during the General Dynamics F-16 program days (now Lockheed). Beautiful aircraft that I never had the privilege to witness fly.
Gerald Nielsen... You are very welcome and thanks for sharing this photo with us!


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