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Boeing 747-200 (82-8000)
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Boeing 747-200 (82-8000)



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This flying into LAX must have really screwed up schedules and flights with long delays.
a mentor
AF-1 gets inline and it's a nice parade. The street traffic throughout the city is in tatters for the whole day however :grumble grumble:
Mike Lynn
AF-1 Always a pleasure to see but it does mess up air and ground travel where ever it goes. I remember when Bill Clinton flew in and got his haircut on the plane at LAX. No air traffic moved in/out until the barber left the aircraft and Bill flew away. Another not so smart move by Slick Willie.

I lived in Denver and remembered those times Bush 43 or VP Cheney flew into Buckley AFB. Their ride into Denver just snarled traffic for hours. Obama always caused a mess out on Martha' Vineyard, and Trump going from Palm Beach International to Mara Lago. Make way for the Commander in Chief regardless of who they are!

The Presidential airplanes are still the two greatest looking planes flying. Can't wait until the 747-8's are brought on line.
Par Bad
Is it odd they haven't added winglets on the fleet?
john cook
Love the new paint!
David Plummer
Par Bad, that is an interesting question. Personally, I don't know the answer to it. However, I would point out the possibility of equipment that makes the VC-25A different than the standard 747-200 may preclude the addition of winglets. For example, we know the aircraft has defense systems like radar jamming capabilities and flares to address heat seeking missiles. Again, I am just guessing, but we can see physical differences when we do a close comparison between the VC-25A and the standard 747-200. Of course, the other possibility is that a cost-benefit analysis doesn't justify the cost. The VC-25A aircraft do not accrue flight time at the rates we see with commercial carriers.
Robert Cowling
It needs more neon and sparklers...
Daniel Stein
Not enough orange.


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