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Boeing 727-100 (VH-TJA)


I reckoned this to be 1971 at first but could be 72 and would have been in our summer. It was taken on a Kodak Instamatic and there's no trick to it. The camera was an innovation by Kodak that gave beginners a chance at time exposure. Can recall having a tripod hardly more the 3 sticks with a mount on them, but it did the job for very lightweight cameras.


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Gary Schenauer
My #1 all-time fave jetliner. Primo snapshot, Gavin. Five for the pic, two more for being a night shot, and three just because it's a Boeing triholer. ***** ** ***
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Gary. There's a nice pic on FA of this aircraft in its original 'T-jet' livery taken by Dan Tanner in 1969. The above livery was the second one.
Robert Cowling
I remember flying those, back in the day. So much more roomy and comfortable. Then it was DC-9's, and then Some SAAB turboprops, and then AVROLiners, and then the flying contagion RJ's. If the regionals could figure out a way to fly a refrigerator box cross country, they would sure have done it by now. The 727's were so awesome. They fit the jet bridges for one thing, but I also remember marching across the tarmac to get to the 'air stairs' and climb in. Now 'cheaper faster profitable' is the mantra. I drive nearly 2.5 hours to avoid flying the RJ's.

The experiences have been that bad. One plane smelt like puke, many others like outhouses (one with an overflowing lav), one had used food containers in the seatback pocket., one had a pilot that decided to 'instruct' the copilot on crosswind landings, one plane had a huge door seal problem, others have had pilots that twitch the plane 'just to mess with us' according to a flight attendant. Yeah, hard pass on RJ's. Pushing tin is fine for investors, not passengers.
Circa 1968, my dad would rarely take us kids over to Tampa International to the arrival and departure ends of the N/S runways.
The most impressive site to me was the 3-Holer Eastern Airlines "Whisperjets" taking off in the hot and humid weather with a very impressive 20 degree plus angle of attack.
It seemed to me as a 10 year old that they were standing on their tails.
Just such a cool site to see as young dude that was already thoroughly in love with and a fanatic about aviation.
Thanks for reviving the memories Gavin Hughes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Robert Mills Jr, glad to share and thanks. I remember my mother seeing a DC-9 taking off and the angle of attack and asking in astonishment, 'You're not going in one of those?' Next day I did!
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о VH-TJA (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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