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Boeing 727-100 (N529AC)


Adelaide, South Australia, November 16, 1984. Amway Corporate jet on final for runway 05. Just lucky to be out photographing that day, didn't know this was coming.


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Tom Vance
727 is/was my favorite jet - I have #1 727 Boeing house colors on my FB page- growing up in Seattle at KBFI is why! this photo is what was so cool about airliner photography - before Internet, ya never knew what was next 5*****
Darryl Sarno
Very nice Gavin! Always love the B727 fly the friendly skies
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Tom.
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks Darryl. We're getting reports here of a lot of civil unrest (and that's probably being polite) in the US and Boston was mentioned. Take care.
Another Epic blast from the past!

Gavin, We got this!
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Thanks rwb.
I never forget my young travels on this beautiful jet around the world. No problem about it.
Nice. CAL had them set for 105 pax, 10/95. The galley was in-between First and Coach.
Kam Bahrami
Apparently this aircraft is still active! Now owned by Peter Nygard (VP-BPZ). I wouldn't mind a private 727 :-)

Sexy no matter what
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
To everyone who's commented in the last few hours - thank you for your interest and information, and still flying - great testament to the construction.
William Smith
Another beautiful B727. Not often do you see a -100.
mike prendergast
Hope you didn't sign up to AMMWAY Gavin!!
Robert Cowling
I remember, lined up for the restroom, looking out of the window, seeing the huge input duct for the rear engine, and seeing the warnings and instructions on how to drop the stairs.

And wondering what happened to DB Cooper, and what insanity it was to hijack a plane, and jump out the back of it. Making the 727 infamous...

Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
No Mike, never got into any of those schemes.
Donald G. Elliott
A great airplane to fly! A well cared for Boeing!
Alexandro Dias
Lindo Avião foto maravilhosa
Gavin HughesPhoto Uploader
Obrigado Alexandro.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N529AC (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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