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Aero Commander 500 (N407DF)


Out of former McClellan AFB, Sacramento CA


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jim gevay
More like a North American OV-10 Bronco.
Tia BeetlePhoto Uploader
Weird, that's what I type but it chose it's own name, here is the link I used.

Tia BeetlePhoto Uploader
When I typed in NORTH AMERICAN OV-10A in the little box it keeps coming up as "Invalid Aircraft Type"
Eric Shepherd
Great shot!
jim gevay
FA's aircraft identification program has some serious flaws. It doesn't recognize many planes and sometimes defaults to the wrong plane from a ICAO code. Just type in the aircraft type in the description box what the plane is and ignore the ICAO box. I think it was designed by a 5 year old.

That's a great photo of a very unique and interesting plane.
Gary Schenauer
Hi, Tia. :-)
I previously posted this comment back on March 3rd when another FA contributor had difficulty typing in the AIRCRAFT TYPE. Since you are a relatively new contributor, I'm reposting this info for you.
"I understand the difficulty you had entering the "Aircraft Type." Two things I've learned about it: 1) The max amount of figures that can be entered as a number / letter combo is four. Thus, "NORTH AMERICAN OV-10A" contains 20+ so it cannot be entered. If you try to enter OV10A," it will not work because that contains five. So in the case of this picture of yours, the best thing to have entered would have been "OV10." Also, 2) when initially uploading a pic, it is possible to enter a type (like "OV10"), HOWEVER, once you have completed the initial upload process, do NOT attempt to enter any more info into any of those four data boxes along the bottom. If, after completing your initial upload, you go back later and attempt to enter info into any other box (such as "TCA" for airline), the Aircraft Type box may default back to INCORRECT AIRCRAFT TYPE as soon as SAVE is clicked ... and you won't be able to change it back. So in the case of THIS photo, you won't be able to enter "OV10" now ... it is too late because the pic is already uploaded. But, if you upload any more of this one, you WILL be able to enter "OV10" ... only during the INITIAL process ... and it will accept that identifier.
It's a pain, I agree, but that's the way it works. So I've learned to put in the data at the time of initial uploading and then not mess around with any of those four info boxes again."
Jim's suggestion to just ignore the box is fine ... but it does lead to a downside. The downside is this. When any viewer wishes to see pictures of an OV10 and types "OV10" into the gallery's AIRCRAFT TYPE search box, the search looks for all photos that have been labeled as "OV10" in the box and all pictures labeled OV10 will appear. Yours won't because it isn't entered as an OV10. The end result? People searching to see pics of OV10s won't see your excellent pic here, which (I'm assuming) is contrary to the reason you posted it into the gallery ... so folks could find it and view it. So you can ignore the boxes but if you do you are defeating the very purpose you posted the photo. (Try it; you'll see what I mean. Type in OV10 in the AIRCRAFT TYPE search box and pics of OV-10s will pop up, but not yours.)
The same thing happens when people search AIRPORT and they wish to see photos taken at KMCC (McClellan), Since you did not enter KMCC under "AIRPORT," your photo here will never pop up when they search "KMCC" either. The only time your picture will appear is if someone searches the reg number: N407DF. (Fortunately, it is not too late for you to enter KMCC but it IS too late for you to enter OV10.)
So for future uploads of non-commercial aircraft photos, remember ... Enter the reg number, the four-letter airport identifier, and the AIRCRAFT TYPE (maximum of four letters/numbers) DURING the upload process ... and then do NOT attempt to change any info in ANY of those boxes and do NOT attempt to add any info to any of those boxes. And one last PS >> "USAF," USN," "USMC," etc., are not AIRLINE identifier letters; they cannot be entered into the AIRLINE box.
I hope this info helps you in the future. It would be a shame if people who are searching for pictures of certain aircraft or are searching for photos taken at MCC never had a chance to see your fine snaps because you didn't fill in those boxes.
Tia BeetlePhoto Uploader
Thank you Gary!
Paul Wisgerhof
OV-10A Mohawk.
Marty Nemes
I believe the Mohawk is the OV-1.
The OV10 was one of my favorite aircraft to watch (USAF & USMC) doing patternwork as a USAF tower controller in Japan. They maneuvered like fighters.

FAA & ICAO aircraft-type designators are the same. For good aircraft-type designators that should all fly here at FlightAware, check out: faa.gov/documentLibrary/media/Order/Order_7360.1_.pdf
Steve Hudson
Yeah. Flightaware says an OV-10, based on the rego.
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N407DF (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Аэропорт вылета Аэропорт прилета Вылет Прилет Длительность
3 дек 2020 V10Hemet-Ryan ()Hemet-Ryan () 11:44 PST 15:48 PST 4:04
3 дек 2020 V10Sacramento McClellan ()Hemet-Ryan () 09:07 PST 10:56 PST 1:48
1 дек 2020 V10Sacramento McClellan ()Sacramento McClellan () 13:20 PST 14:16 PST 0:56
29 ноя 2020 V10Paso Robles Muni ()Sacramento McClellan () 15:01 PST 16:00 PST 0:58
29 ноя 2020 V10Hemet-Ryan ()Paso Robles Muni () 08:15 PST 09:22 PST 1:07
27 ноя 2020 V10Sacramento McClellan ()Hemet-Ryan () 13:15 PST 15:04 PST 1:49
22 ноя 2020 V10Sacramento McClellan ()Sacramento McClellan () 13:07 PST 14:06 PST 0:59
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