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Embraer 170/175 (N017AN)


N017NN operated by Compass airlines arriving on runway 25L at LAX. The aircraft is an E175 but when I put that in the field it wouldn't take it and I also tried E-175. I know the system has its bugs, so if anyone knows what to try to put in, I gladly will.


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Gary Schenauer
Fine snapshot, Mark.
The "E175" can be entered in the field, but you MUST enter it DURING the upload ... and then, after you have completed the initial upload, you cannot try to enter any other info in the data boxes along the bottom of your post. If you DO attempt to enter any other data in any of those boxes after you have already completed the initial upoload process, the AIRCRAFT TYPE box will then automatically delete whatever you had originally entered and it will display INVALID (in red). From that point on, you will not be able to reenter the E175.
Check out my helicopter post from this morning. Notice that it says that N902CF is a Cessna. When I did my upload this morning, I forgot to enter "AS35" (Eurocopter AS350B) in the AIRCRAFT TYPE box when I was performing the initial upload. When I remembered, it was too late; I had already clicked to complete the initial upload. Now it is too late for me to correct the AIRCRAFT TYPE info; when I try to enter "AS35" in the box it displays INVALID. Had I done it during the upload ... and then NOT attempted to add any other info such as "Airline," it would have stayed as "AS35."
It sounds complicated, but it isn't. Just enter the AIRCRAFT TYPE (maximum amount of letters & numbers is four .. no spaces between) while you are still doing the initial upload. Then, leave all four boxes along the bottom alone.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thanks for the info Gary. I always used to do it during the initial upload without any problems, but lately that screen doesn't let me input any data anymore for some reason so for the last few weeks I have had to do everything at the bottom of the screen. I had been able to enter everything properly that way until this morning. I'm not sure why it would be different for you, but entering at the bottom has been my only option lately and it had been working until now..

Thanks again for the help and the compliment :)
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
I was just experimenting at the bottom of the screen a little and it took E170 but when you hover the mouse over it in the description it says E175.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
And it also says E175 now at the top lol
sam kuminecz
technicaly the 175 is a larger version of the 170, but I feel its a different aircraft

"The first member of the family is the 70 seat Embraer 170, which rolled out on October 29 2001 and first flew on February 19 2002. The 170 was certificated in February 2004 and deliveries started in March 2004 to LOT Polish Airlines, US Airways and Alitalia Express.

the Embraer 175, stretched by 1.77m (5ft 10in) over the Embraer 170. The first flight was made on June 14 2003.
sam kuminecz
this reg correct? N017NN?
sam kuminecz
never knew FAA allowed a reg to start with a 0
Greg Byington
Nice shot!
Gary Schenauer
I thought you were questioning the number "017." The correct reg is ...
N017AN. I've caught four of these, and the letters are "AN."
Gary Schenauer
Yep. I caught N007AN three days ago.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Sam- Thank you very much for the info about the aircraft, I too feel that they are two different aircraft which is why at first I didn't think to try putting it in as an E170.

Greg- Thank you for the comment, it's greatly appreciated.

Gary- Thanks for the correction at the end of the tail number. From this spot at LAX the aircraft get blocked by a fence right after where this one was and the smaller ones have the wings blocking the tail number so the only reference I have is the fleet number and I couldn't find the Compass fleet numbers online like I can with the bigger airlines, so I just figured is was NN not AN.
Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot! The aircraft type is ERJ-170. Try putting E170 in.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you very much Dwight
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