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Airbus A319 (N770UW)


N770UW pictured here after landing. Photo was taken from the Signature flight support ramp and directly across the airport from the Lyon Air Museum. It's very hard to see, but the back part of an AAL 737 can be seen in the background right in front of the A319's engines. The 737 was rolling out after landing on runway 20R and this one had just turned off and was taxing to the gate. If my memory is correct it came in from Phoenix and the 737 behind it came from Dallas.


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Mark SeePhoto Uploader
I was in this spot for over an hour, but most of the shots I took were obstructed by aircraft that were parked on the ramp. The timing had to be perfect as I only had once chance as each aircraft passed to get a clear shot. Also, some aircraft (the 737-800s and 757s) were impossible to get all together because the aircraft could not entirely fit in the shot between the parked ones.
Dwight Hartje
5*+ capture, Mark!
Gary Schenauer
Another super "5" snap & cap, Mark. One of the factors that makes viewing your pics so enjoyable is the variety of shooting locations and angles you use. Like yesterday's post of that UA behind the Citation (BTW, a 5 * shot; I voted on it yesterday), your pics often feature a diversity of viewpoints. Keep 'em coming. Also, I admire your tenacity; hanging in to get the unique shot at just the right instant. I do the same. I just posted a "half-shadow, half-sun" shot that can only be taken by getting to the airport in the semi-darkness and then waiting for the brief instant .... AND hoping there is an aircraft in the scene at that same instant. Can't tell you how many times there have not been any a/c passing by at that moment ... lol. Congrats on all your newest snaps, my friend. Well done, as always. ;-)
Greg Byington
Great job, Mark!
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Dwight, Gary and Greg- Thank you all for your comments :)

Gary- It's funny you mention about your "Half and half" shot, which is great BTW and I already voted and commented on it. I have been trying to get one like that for over a year now, but it is a bit harder at SNA bc the airport doesn't open until 7am which means that I have a very short period (a few weeks in late December and early January) where the sun is rising as a/c are actually out moving around. As far as the sun setting, it sets over the water which still provides great lighting, however it doesn't have the same effect as the sun rising over the mountains we have if you ask me.
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