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Gulfstream Aerospace Gulfstream IV (N222RA)


N222RA on short final to runway 20R at SNA. I had a few previous pictures of this one sitting on the Signature ramp at SNA, however there was always a wingtip or baggage cart in the way and the shots didn't look that great, but I was lucky enough to be standing here at the right time when it came in and I was able to get a clear shot of it.


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Gary Schenauer
Very interesting catch. An all-gray paint scheme yet it looks pretty darn snazzy. Makes me curious as to ownership. Maybe high-level corporate. If not corporate, then ultra-class charter. I'll look it up in a few minutes.
Super snap, Mark! *****
Eric Shepherd
Goggle Phoenix Air Group, atc callsign "Gray Bird"...
Disregard my previous post...Looked like a GIII at first. This is indeed a charter aircraft:)
Dwight Hartje
Excellent shot and capture, Mark! I love these unique GA liveries! Also one of my favorite aircraft!
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Hi all and thank you very much for your comments on this picture.

I actually had the information about the owners of this aircraft, but it failed to make it into the description because I was a bit rushed when I uploaded. It belongs to Pegusus Elite Aviation who has locations in many different countries, with the closest being Van Nuys which is about 50 miles from SNA. Regarding the paint, it doesn't look like their other aircraft are painted like this, so my guess would be that the previous owner had it painted like this and it just hasn't been repainted... hopefully they don't because it looks awesome (I would have never thought a one color aircraft could look so good)


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