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Airbus A380-800 (9V-SKN)


9V-SKN just after lifting off from runway 25L at LAX. I have never uploaded a photo of an A-380 before because I think they are just ugly (cool to see and hear, but "photo ugly". I decided to upload this one for 3 reasons though:
1. It is pretty rare for A-380s to use 25L for departure, but they have 24R, the normal A-380 departure runway, closed for construction which will make this a somewhat rare opportunity especially once they open 24R again.
2. Despite what I think about the a/c, the Singapore livery DOES look pretty sharp in my opinion.
3. The Iberia A-340 being on the right of this photo because it was so hot and this spot is so far away, it was impossible to get a shot of that one by itself that wasn't distorted.


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Mark SeePhoto Uploader
It was a very busy hour for "heavy" departures headed overseas, in that hour (4-5 local time) there were 4 A-380s, 3 Triple 7s and an 87, just on the south complex alone. There were a few others using the North side, but since 24L is currently closed, most heavy traffic is using the south side.
Gary Schenauer
Outstanding catch, Mark. (PS: I agree that the 380 isn't the sleekest looking, but I caught one once at SFO and it was a special thrill; I'd be camped out at RNO if I ever learned of one coming here).
Another PS ... Yesterday's temp here was 98, and predicted temps for today and the next four days are 100, 101, 102, 101, and 99. Late morning and afternoon photography here will be drastically affected. You made a good choice. :-)
Roy Hunte
Nice shot. Even though they dont look that hot in a photo, an A380 is beautiful from an engineering perspective.
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Gary and Roy: Thank you both for your comments :)

Gary- I'm a pretty bummed about not coming up this week, but hopefully it will be much more worth it when photo conditions do improve up there. See you then :)

Roy- The 380 is a revolutionary a/c and a testament to just how far technology has come considering the Wright Brothers first flew in 1903 and the 380 came out around 2005 (can't remember the exact year without looking). 100 years and we went from a one person, less than 1 minute flight to being able to carry hundreds of people for flights much greater than 10 hrs... just amazing.
Mark Thomas
Mark, I believe one of the Wright brothers actually flew in a Constellation! That's incredible to me too! Imagine what things will look like in another hundred years?
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Mark- I had never heard that "fun fact" about the Wright Brothers before, TY for sharing.

All I know is, I won't be around in another hundred years to see what aviation will look like, but I can only imagine. There is a photo in a magazine that I saw one time that pretty much sums up how amazing aviation is: It was a picture of a timeline and on top it read "100 years in a normal museum" and it showed a single photo of a basic engine that you would see in your car. Below the line it read "100 years in our museum" and it showed numerous photos of all of the great aviation accomplishments from the Wright Brothers to the Spirit of St. Louis to the Space Shuttle and I believe it concluded with one of an A380. A little embellished that the automotive industry hasn't changed in 100+ years of its existence, but the point it makes is so true in how far we have come in aviation.
Dwight Hartje
Outstanding capture and timing!
Mark SeePhoto Uploader
Thank you very much Dwight!
Tom Vance
Superb LAX 5star!!
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о 9V-SKN (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
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