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Pence departing in foreground, Trump about to depart in background. Both were in town to speak at a convention. No Political comments please. Keep the Focus on the aircraft! Thank Youl.!


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Larry Toler
2 in one. Great catch!
Phil Brooks
Well done! Glad the USPS signs were still up then.
Fred von Zabern
We certified ADS-B on this C-32 (flying) in the summer of 2018.
what type of aircraft is Mike Pence using? I would safely assume it is Boeing but is it 757?
serge LOTH
This is an amazing picture! 2 in 1..Good shot
Colin Seftel
@arozakid it's a C-32 which was developed from the 757.
ken kemper

Awesome to Capture the Presidential Fleet in action !!
Philip Goldsby
Is it something about this photo, or is the blue color different on the VC-25 and VC-32?
Charles Mills
Great shot to get both of them
David Seider
This pic is dated either 26 or 27 June 2019. VP Pence spoke at the NRA convention on
the 26, but I don't know which day they departed Indy.

VC-25A (747-2G4B) 92-9000
VC-32A (757-2G4) 98-0001
David Seider
^^^ April 2019, not June 2019
Juan Zermeno
I wonder why they chose the 757 and not the 767. The 767 is thicker which would allow for more elbow room.
@Juan Zermeno It’s because one of the main reasons for acquiring VC-32A was because it would allow the US Air Force to have the ability to fly POTUS into locations that might not have the infrastructure to land widebody aircraft but are also to far from the closest airport that is able to cater to widebody aircraft for Marine One to reach. Prior to having this aircraft going to some of these locations were a headache for both the USAF and Secret Service because usually it meant they would have to travel vast distances by ground sometimes in places that weren't exactly the safest of locations.
John GiambonePhoto Uploader
Dave Seider is correct, they were both in town to speak at the NRA Convention. Both left within about an hour of each other if memory serves me correctly. I have post other shots from this sequence (which I like better) on this site. Regarding Philip Goldsby comment about the color variations, there could be a slight difference in color between two possibly because of paint fading? I am not sure, just throwing that out there as a possible explanation. One newer paint scheme than the other. I am not sure if AF1 (747) gets a more frequent repaint to keep it looking fresh than it would require if it were a pax bird, occuring mainly at a heavy D check interval. Don't know. Also, Trump has flown on the C-32 as AF1 on 2 or 3 occoasions that I have shot it. For whatever reason maybe the 747's were out of service??? or, perhaps Trump was going to go to a smaller type airport after leaving IND that could not handle a 747 due to its size? Thank You for all of the comments~!
Donna Yost
Love the photo!
Steven Mansur
Our tax dollars at work!


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