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Boeing 720 — - TWA Boeing 720 taxis to runway 15 at KBWI Circa 1965-70.  Sory about the lamp pole, couldnt find a shot without the adornment
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Boeing 720 —


TWA Boeing 720 taxis to runway 15 at KBWI Circa 1965-70. Sory about the lamp pole, couldn't find a shot without the adornment


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skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
I would like the person who voted 1 star to explain his or her vote to me. Yes, there is a light pole in the shot, but it is not a major downer. If I were voting on this pic I believe it should rate at least a three. Comments, anyone? Am I being to sensitive? This is the second 1 on my new posts today. Am I the victim of a troll?
Karter Hickling
did u take this yourself? I like the combo of retro cars and the classic airliner! 4* by me
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Took the photo about 45-50 years ago. If I have the time period correct, I used a Mimaya Auto-XTL with a Mimiya tele lens shooting Koda-color 400 film. I used high speed film as I was mainly taking pictures of trains and wanted to stop the motion. The "Retro cars and Classic airliner" were what was in use at that time. The only car I can ID for sure was the white 64 Chevy just to the right of center.
sam kuminecz
For level of technology in the 60s this was a 5star shot...nowadays a 1...definitely a 4.5 in my book...miss these classics
Thanks buddy
Gary Schenauer
Hi again, Sky. I was just looking over your newest posts and found this cool snap of a B720. Then I saw your comment in which you noted that someone rated it a "1." A "1"? Someone rated this half-century-old photo that is still in this super condition a "1"? Whoever it was, he / she did it because he / she was jealous and envious. Whoever it was probably has no idea what Kodak film even is, and most likely can't even take a pic that is this good even with today's digital cameras. Odds are that the ignoramus spends all his time looking in a mirror trying to figure out who it is that is looking back. lol
Your 50-year-old snaps are treasures, Sky, and I appreciate you sharing them so I can view them. Five-star stuff for sure!
5 stars! The photo totally gives off 1960s vibes and the nostalgia kicks in! Skyhawkrg, This is a great photo. Dont ever let anyone tell you its not
skyhawkrgPhoto Uploader
Thanks to all who rallied around this phot when the troll voted a "1" as the first vote. Another photo posted at the same seating of Modern Air CV990 N5824 also was 'awarded' a one by the first voter. I'd love to know who the troll is postimg these scores, 'cause I'd spend some time posting ones for all of his (or her) photos. GRRR.


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