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Experimental 100kts (N9MB) - 2017 Chino Airshow
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Experimental <100kts (N9MB)


2017 Chino Airshow


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Parker SuttonPhoto Uploader
This is a Northrop aircraft. I don't know why Mitsubishi showed up. That''s not what I entered.
Kobe Hunte
Nice.. never seen anything like it!
Looks to me as if this is a very unstable aircraft.
Alan Brown
I am surprised that this prototype from 1942 is still flying. It was the original prototype for the YB-35 bomber in WW II. i'm glad to see that it is still flying.
Parker SuttonPhoto Uploader
Come see it fly during the May 4-5 Airshow in Chino.
Tim Segulin
Jack Northrop in the US, Reimar and Walter Horten in Germany: great minds think alike!

I wish the NASM could restore the only surviving Go-229 to static display condition. These were all remarkable aircraft for their time.
I saw that aircraft fly when I was in L.A. on a business trip in the mid '90s. It was flying around what is now Zamperini Field. Was very cool to see and brings back great memories of a special time in my career.
brian dubey
I was at the Chino show too. It began with tribute formations honoring Planes of Fame founder, the late Ed Maloney, that included the N9M flying wing, the only flying P-26, and a P-35 derivative. And continue with wave after wave of warbirds in a fabulous show at Chino, California on the weekend of 6-7 May 2017. They even has a Zero flying too. see video below.

John Yarno
Regarding John Rumbles post, the plane seems to be on page 4
Don Lynch
I cannot believe is could be back in the air.
David Seider
Thank you, Jack Northrop!
Douglas Smith
Tell you what this would be great for, a drone which can remain aloft for a considerably long time.
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