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Boeing 747-400 (N403KZ) - The second Kalitta Air B744 to visit Reno in 8 days, N403KZ, is shown here as it lifts away from Runway 34R enroute to Anchorage (PANC).
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Boeing 747-400 (N403KZ)


The second Kalitta Air B744 to visit Reno in 8 days, N403KZ, is shown here as it lifts away from Runway 34R enroute to Anchorage (PANC).


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Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
I had positioned slightly more than 7,000 feet down the 9,000-foot-long 34R because last week, when CKS's sibling Queen N402KZ, took off from this same runway, it did not rotate until reaching the 8,000 foot (1,000 feet remaining) marker. But yesterday, when N403KZ departed, it was leaving empty so it was able to rotate 2000 feet earlier. Thus, as it came past me here with engines firewalled, it had lifted several feet into the air and I got exactly the picture series I had hoped to get. This is one snap from that 17-shot series.
Darryl Sarno
OMG Gary - Amazing take off shot of the Queen! This is one of your best! Easily 5 *'s and many more!
Greg Byington
Very, very nice!
Absolutely Magnificent. 5*X5* Great shot Gary!
ken kemper

My favorite pic of the week. You definitely positioned yourself in the perfect spot !!
Pierre Hamel
Great pic of the Queen!
I could VOMIT, seeing this brand featured here. the kalitta brand is the worst of the worst supplemental freight-dogs out there. it's too bad that they still have their certificate up on the wall in Sanderlin's office..
Dale Docken
Awesome. Magnificent!! Thanks, Gary.
Royce Solberg
I missed this beautiful queen! Normally I can tell by the sound what kind of aircraft is going over the house, but somehow missed this beautiful baby. I am keeping my eyes peeled!
Gary SchenauerPhoto Uploader
Darryl, Greg, Dave S., Ken, Pierre, User, Dale, and Royce. >>> Thank You to all of you for each of your extremely kind comments. I was thrilled to be in the proper spot to snap this. We surely don't get very many 747s here so every one that visits here is a treat. Thanks again. (Wave)
Cougardad ... >> Since I know zilch about how Kalitta operates, I'm in no position to judge them and I will figure you are more knowledgeable than I about them so I'll accept your comments as accurate. But just as an FYI ... ANY airline, commercial pax or cargo, that brings a B747 here is appreciated, GREATLY appreciated, by me. We just never get to see the Queen here except on extremely rare occasions, so I am honestly sorry that this photo makes you so ill. The only remedy I can suggest is that you not view ANY Kalitta pics, either any of mine or anyone elses. And I apologize in advance because if Kalitta Air flies another B747 here, I'm going to be out there to click it.
@ Royce .. >> .. By your comment, I am guessing you live under the 34R departure path. I snapped plenty of pics of this one climbing out away from me over the north valleys. If you wish to have a pic of it from behind, on its departure climb, e/m me at OldeCarl@gmail.com Will send, no problem.
Lonnie Penner
Agree with all the comments so far. With the exception of cougardad, lol.
You're so close, did you lose your lens cap in the blast? I'm jealous.
John Freschl
Pete Sanderlin is the COO of Kalitta Air per their web site. I'm wondering whether cougardad is a former employee. Kalitta laid off 150 maintenance workers last summer (Oscoda, MI) due to business conditions.
Tom Vance
Holy Bleeeeep! Magnificent! A+ Calendar photo!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Vance
Gman_____ check out 'cougardads' photos................LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tom Vance
5x5 = 10 and the sideways rip on cougardad...5 more!!!
Хотите просмотреть все архивные записи о N403KZ (с 1998 г.)? Купите сейчас, получите через час.
Дата Воздушное судно Аэропорт вылета Аэропорт прилета Вылет Прилет Длительность
1 авг 2021 B744Viracopos Int'l ()Viracopos Int'l () 04:26 -03 05:13 -03 0:46
1 авг 2021 B744Viracopos Int'l ()Viracopos Int'l () 00:10 -03 01:09 -03 0:58
31 июл 2021 B744Майами ()Viracopos Int'l () 12:34 EDT 20:57 -03 7:23
31 июл 2021 B744Лос-Анджелес ()Майами () 02:15 PDT 09:56 EDT 4:41
30 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Лос-Анджелес () 09:11 AKDT 15:14 PDT 5:03
30 июл 2021 B744Changsha Huanghua Int'l ()Анкоридж () 15:05 CST 07:33 AKDT 8:27
30 июл 2021 B744Инчхон ()Рядом с Yueyang, Hunan 08:29 KST Last seen 09:54 CST 2:24
29 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Инчхон () 02:13 AKDT 02:49 KST (+1) 7:36
28 июл 2021 B744Лос-Анджелес ()Анкоридж () 21:10 PDT 00:31 AKDT (+1) 4:20
28 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Лос-Анджелес () 12:56 AKDT 18:34 PDT 4:38
28 июл 2021 B744Fuzhou Changle Int'l ()Анкоридж () 19:03 CST 11:39 AKDT 8:35
28 июл 2021 B744Инчхон ()Рядом с Fuzhou, Fujian 11:42 KST Last seen 12:40 CST 1:57
27 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Инчхон () 05:53 AKDT 07:04 KST (+1) 8:10
26 июл 2021 B744Лос-Анджелес ()Анкоридж () 19:40 PDT 23:02 AKDT 4:22
26 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Лос-Анджелес () 10:20 AKDT 16:02 PDT 4:41
26 июл 2021 B744Fuzhou Changle Int'l ()Анкоридж () 15:14 CST 09:04 AKDT 9:49
26 июл 2021 B744Инчхон ()Рядом с Fuzhou, Fujian 06:47 KST Last seen 08:00 CST 2:13
24 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Инчхон () 08:48 AKDT 09:46 KST (+1) 7:58
23 июл 2021 B744Международный О’Хара ()Анкоридж () 09:05 CDT 11:46 AKDT 5:40
22 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Международный О’Хара () 02:02 AKDT 10:29 CDT 5:27
22 июл 2021 B744Zhengzhou Xinzheng Int'l ()Анкоридж () 08:18 CST 00:31 AKDT 8:13
22 июл 2021 B744Инчхон ()Рядом с Zhengzhou, Henan 03:27 KST Last seen 04:09 CST 1:41
20 июл 2021 B744Анкоридж ()Инчхон () 19:58 AKDT 20:38 KST (+1) 7:40
20 июл 2021 B744Grant County Intl ()Анкоридж () 16:16 PDT 18:22 AKDT 3:06
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